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Atlanta's Rony Delgarde, the founder of Global Paint for Charity, was recently named a 2013 Allstate Champion for Good as a part of the Give It Up For Good campaign.

"The environment is not something we inherit from our parents, it's something we borrow from our children." This quote has been repeated hundreds of times by people who want to emphasize the urgency of saving our planet. Global Paint for Charity, Inc., (GPC) is one of the organizations focused on the future of our children and their environments. Global Paint for Charity was founded by Rony Delgarde, who grew up in Haiti and knows what life can be like without color all around. Mr. Delgarde now collects unused paint from residences and businesses, consolidates it and provides it to schools, hospitals, orphanages, churches, and family homes in developing countries where paint is difficult to come by. This process of recycling unused paint is taking harmful waste and using it as a resource. It sounds so simple but the benefits are so amazing.

For the world's poor, home isn't just where the heart is. It's also an incubator for bacteria, diseases, bad germs, mold, severe dirt walls and poor sanitation. The United Nations Human Settlements Program estimates that more than 1.6 billion rural residents live in overcrowded housing with dirt walls and poor sanitation. Every year, we lose 2.8 million children globally due to bacteria and bad germs found on dirt walls of their family homes and local schools.

Chances are you are like most homeowners in the U.S. who have 3 to 5 gallons of leftover paint stored in your basement and garage. Sadly, every year more than 30 million gallons of commercial and residential paint wind up in landfills, increasing the chance that the toxins from the paint can pollute our water supply.

Global Paint for Charity, Inc., remains a one-of-a-kind group adding color and encouragement to people's lives worldwide. It is noteworthy that GPC knows that paint takes a huge toll on our environment and has created a movement to protect and improve the living conditions of our poor. Focusing on preserving our environment by keeping paint out of landfills and water sources has distinguished GPC as a deserving non-profit to support.

Please help us change more lives and protect the environment.