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Board of Directors

The Global Paint for Charity's Board of Directors governs the work of the organization. Our Board shapes the organization's direction through its mission, strategy, budget, and key policies; ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place match the organization's strategic vision; and monitors and improves the performance of the organization. The organization Board meets formally four times each year, as well as between the regular committee meetings as needed to conduct the organization's business. Please see below for brief biographies of our talented board.

We would like to recruit new board members to fill our vacant seats. We are looking to bring in new leadership talents in several key areas including fundraising, environment, logistic operations, global corporate relations, marketing and communications. If you are interested or have any contacts in these areas, please pass along our information and get in touch with us.

Please Click here for more details and description: Board Volunteer Opportunity with Global Paint

Rony Delgarde (Founder/CEO)

Rony S. Delgarde is an advocate for color and waste management, he is the founder of Global Paint for Charity, the first and largest paint recycling and provider of Latex paint to those in need around the world. After coming to the United States from Haiti, Rony discovered there was a tremendous supply of unused paint that would otherwise end up in the waste stream, over 68 million gallons of paint were thrown away from businesses and residents every year and he knew there is a larger demand for that paint in third world countries. Instead he provided the products to needy charities and vulnerable individuals in Africa, Caribbean, Asia and Central America, as well as domestically targeted communities in the United States. For a typical entrepreneur, identifying large supply and large demand means dollar signs. But Rony isn’t a typical entrepreneur. He realized that the good he could do vastly outweighed any amount of money he could make. Rony founded the organization in 2010 and built it into an entity with a truly global impact. Today he has shipped more than 200,000 gallons of paint to 24 different countries— and 40 cities in the United States. By every metric, Global Paint for Charity has been an incredible success.

Rony’s selflessness story has featured on CNN and he has received dozens of awards, state proclamations and citations for his work, including the National ENERGY GLOBE Award, one of the most prestigious environmental awards in the world. Rony earned a Master and Bachelor of Business Administration (MBA, BS). He also won the 2017 Metro Atlanta Chamber E3Awards| NEW VENTURE Category for Startup and New Business that Advances Sustainability through Business Solutions

When he is not working for Global Paint for Charity, Rony is volunteering and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and startups on how to build successful businesses that make a positive impact. Regardless of what your ambitions are – nonprofit, technology, finance, and so on – Rony’s passion and heart for helping others is an example you should take to heart."

Chris Moder (Advisory Board Member)

Chris Moder joined the University of Georgia's Public Service Faculty in January, 2006, and serves its J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development in a shared position with the University System of Georgia's Office of Economic Development. As Program Director of the Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP), Mr. Moder promotes community and economic development in the state by linking the needs of businesses, communities, and organizations with the resources of the 35 public institutions within the University System of Georgia (USG).

Mr. Moder earned a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree, with honors, from the University of Georgia.

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