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2021 Earth Day Paint Drive

Rain or Shine, Gwinnett Residents Show up to Donate their Unused Paint to GPC


Much like America Recycles Day, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful (GC&B) and Gwinnett County Solid Waste Management teamed up with several vendors to safely dispose of items that are difficult for Gwinnett residents to get rid of. In April 2021, the two organizations hosted another drive-through in celebration of Earth Day. At this event, attendees were encouraged to recycle paper, electronics, and paint. Despite the rainy weather, volunteers processed over 1000 cars, and Gwinnett residents donated 170 buckets and 1781 cans of paint to Global Paint for Charity (GPC). For three hours, a total of 2,636 gallons of paint were collected and shipped to Global Paint’s warehouse in Norcross, Georgia. According to Schelly Marlatt, GC&B’s Executive Director, the overall goal of events like Earth Day and America Recycles Day is to give people a service that is hard to come by as an easily accessible resource. Global Paint’s partnership with the Gwinnett County Solid Waste Division and Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful first began in 2012; and for the past decade, participation from Gwinnett residents has steadily increased. Events, like Earth Day, now allow Global Paint for Charity to reduce paint waste in Gwinnett County by 12-20% every year. 



GPC’s program design is simple but innovative. The organization focuses on the idea that connecting existing resources to people in need will always be more effective and efficient than creating new ones. Through this practice, Global Paint creates a win-win-win situation for its donors, the paint recipients, and the environment. GPC donors are provided with an easy and convenient solution that allows them to safely dispose of their unused paint, the recipients receive a resource they cannot afford while recycling helps in reducing pollution.


 With the paint donation received, Global Paint assists other nonprofits, community groups, muralists, and seniors in need. In the past 10 years, GPC has provided billions of families and individuals, who do not have access to color, the opportunity to beautify their homes, schools, communities, towns, and cities. Demand for GPC’s services is constant and frequent. Global Paint often has a waiting list of requests from across the world. To determine which applicants are deserving, GPC’s board members and staff carefully review each application and also encourage the recipient to share reports, photos, and stories about how the paint helped and benefited their communities.


Global Paint for Charity is the world’s most trusted and largest sustainable paint waste management organization and the top supplier and exporter of Latex paint to underserved communities. Our mission is to recover Latex paint from businesses and residents to change individuals’ lives – one gallon at a time. At Global Paint, we want people to thrive in a colorful world that promotes healthy and sustainable communities. We encourage you to connect and get involved. GPC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so any monetary contributions and donations you make are tax-deductible. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, or visit our website at to stay up to date on what is next for Global Paint or to learn more about how you can host your own paint drive.