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Partnered with Briarcliff Paint, a Benjamin Moore Paint Retailer located in Atlanta

Global Paint for Charity has recently partnered with Briarcliff Paint, a Benjamin Moore Paint Retailer located in Atlanta. In a brief interview with the long-time owner of Briarcliff Paint, David Caler, he speaks on how this partnership has affected his business and the area around him.

In only a couple of weeks of partnership, they have already recycled over 500 gallons of unwanted paint. Donating to local schools like Druid Hills High in the past, Briarcliff has expressed a desire to give back to the community. By working with Global Paint, they have been able to free up some unwanted space in their warehouse and have been able to give a solid amount of paint to charity. According to Caler, this partnership has “really been good for everyone.”

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When asked how this partnership has impacted his business, Caler responded by stating that “it has put a lot of unwanted paint in the hands of people that can use it,” and “allows room for products on our shelves that will move and sell faster.” He expressed that due to his location, it is especially difficult to get rid of discontinued products and mistinted paint cans, depend on the paint left behind when customers were not happy with a finished mixed color, too much of a particular color was mixed, or the wrong finish was used, but Global Paint has been an enormous help in this area.

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Briarcliff has worked with other local companies in the past, but their sales representative brought the idea of working with Global Paint to Caler’s attention and they ultimately decided to switch. Overall, Briarcliff made this decision because they liked the idea of working with a charitable source and the win-win benefit and process Global Paint has to offer. Caler believes Global Paint is one of the most impactful business partnerships he has made and is pleased with the work they have done together.

We encourage other paint retailers to partner with us, as we wish to make your paint operations more smooth and to simultaneously give back to the community.

According to a report published by the EPA, around 10 percent of the house paint purchased in the US each year becomes leftover or unused. This amounts to more than 69 million gallons of paint waste annually, and it only takes one gallon of this paint to pollute up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water. This problem is compounded by the dearth of convenient and sustainable paint disposal options. Without such options, it is far more likely that paint will find its way into landfills or water sources, where negative environmental impacts may resound for generations. Global Paint for Charity provides a safe, sustainable way for businesses and consumers to dispose of unwanted paint that may otherwise contribute to the ongoing environmental crisis.

Over the past decade, Global Paint for Charity has collected or reused nearly 360,000 tons of paint that was otherwise intended for the landfill. The paint is collected directly from residential households as well as businesses, retail stores, construction sites, manufacturers, and is distributed to local mural projects, school and housing beautification projects, shelters, and more. Often, Global Paint for Charity is able to arrange for the paint to be immediately transported from the donor directly to the receiving organizations, reducing the need for multiple trips which increases carbon footprint.

In addition, nonprofit organizations and community groups around the globe can request paint for their community improvement projects. These requests are prioritized based on need, demonstration of the ability to carry out the proposed project, and demonstrated barriers (i.e. in a community where the paint is cost-prohibitive). Global Paint for Charity has brought paint to communities in many major cities in the U.S. and 44 countries in the Caribbean, Central America, the Middle East, and Africa including places recovering from war and/or natural disasters and communities investing in local infrastructure (schools/hospitals/dormitories/ Libraries/Sports Centers/Churches) without local funding streams.

If you live in Georgia, Florida, North & South Carolina, California, Illinois, or within adjoining areas, and wish to recycle your paint, please visit “TAKE ACTION” for more information on how you can dispose of your unwanted paint.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for full-service interior and exterior residential painting contractors, contact our team of experts today at 855-853-7772. Besides delivering quality finishes that last, our contractors and residential painters partners will take care of job cleanup and hazardous waste disposal to support our mission. This means that you don’t need to worry about dealing with unused paint and other residues that are part of any paint job.

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