Coloring the World with Happiness, Hope, Love and Peace

Awards & Accolades

Global Paint for Charity, Inc. is honored to have been recognized by many organizations and agencies for our services and charitable business success, our commitment to changing lives and bringing hope and beautification in underserved community around the world.

Rony Delgarde received The Caribbean American Cultural Foundation’s 2019 Captains of Industry Awards

Won 2nd place at the 4th Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2019

won 2018 Best of Atlanta Awards in the category of Waste Recycling & Disposal Service

Rony Delgarde Received The GAHCC 2018 Torch Bearer Award

Won 1st place at the 3rd Annual National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2018

Andy’s Award

The Social Good Awards

Won The Energy Globe Award 2017 for Outstanding Environmental Solutions

The Metro Atlanta Chamber Award 2017

2016 finalist for the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s E3 Award

Founder and CEO Rony Delgarde, honored as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen from the Secretary of State of Georgia.

The Empire Board of Realtist 2016 President’s Award

Best of 2015 of Atlanta for Waste Recycling Service

Rony Delgarde Named Allstate Champion For Good 2013


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