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Kindness, the greatest gift ever with Amazon Smile!

Shared joy is a double joy; this holiday season, you can bring a smile back on someone’s face by supporting Global paint for Charity by simply shopping at

November 23rd 2021

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GPC Person of the Month: Dr. Leon C. Prieto 

Creating sustainable enterprises that seek out positive social change through innovative ideas and entrepreneurial principles is called Social entrepreneurship.
To know more, check out our latest blog about GPC person of the month, Dr. Preto, an associate professor at Clayton State University and a research fellow at the Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

November 12th 2021

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A Perfect Collaboration During the Pandemic.

Covid-19 has left us with no choice but to change our outlook and adapt to the new normal. The best defense mechanism to deal with this situation for us is collaboration. This story is about one of such great events we participated in.

September 17th 2021

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Milton High School Paint Drive Was A Huge Success!!

Influencing the Youth of Today to be Leaders of Global Paint Tomorrow. Global Paint for Charity (GPC) is a nonprofit, social enterprise whose program is designed to relocate old resources and support underserved communities in a self-sustainable way. One way that Rony Delgarde, CEO and founder of Global Paint, secures the organization’s success and viability […]

July 21st 2021

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Discarded Paints Get a Second Chance in Matt Letrs’s Murals

Global Paint for Charity as a Resource for Local Artists Global Paint’s mission is to create a colorful world that promotes sustainability. It is a program designed to connect existing resources to underserved communities, other organizations, and local artists. By establishing these connections, Global Paint for Charity (GPC) has been able to build and maintain […]

July 1st 2021

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Person of the Month: The Public Speaking Doctor Ariel Ghinga

A Fruitful Relationship between the Public Speaking Doctor and Global Paint for Charity (GPC) In 2012, Ariel Ghinga created Atlanta Public Speaking LLC (APS), a company that provides training programs to professionals who wish to improve their public speaking skills. The uniqueness of these programs has allowed APS to stand out among similar courses, turning […]

June 23rd 2021

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Global Paint Volunteer Spotlight: Antonio Solomon

GPC Volunteer Spotlight: Antonio Solomon By Blanca Tavera: Antonio Solomon first got involved with Global Paint for Charity (GPC) in 2016. At the time, Antonio was pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Public Policy at Georgia State University. One of the school’s requirements was that he had to complete an internship to graduate. At first, […]

May 18th 2021

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Despite Covid-19: 2020 America Recycles Day Was Huge Success!

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our 2020 America Recycles Day Was a Huge Success! By Blanca Tavera: Contributing to American prosperity and protecting our environment, America Recycles Day (ARD) is the only nationally recognized day promoting recycling and focusing on typically recycling behavior. Coordinated by the US nonprofit organization, Keep America Beautiful, ARD is an event […]

April 15th 2021

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Global Paint for Charity CEO, Rony Delgarde inducted into Marquis Who’s Who Registry By Sydney Lundeberg

On December 24, 2020, Rony Delgarde joined the ranks of Nobel Prize winners and world-famous humanitarians. He was recently inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who in America Biographical Registry for his efforts with Global Paint for Charity as well as several charitable and professional organizations. The Who’s Who registry was founded in 1898 by Albert […]

January 24th 2021

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Our 2020 Summer Paint For COVID19 project was a Major Success!

Thanks to YOU, our 2020 Summer Paint For COVID19 project was a major success! The Global Paint for Charity and partners donated over $284k worth of paint and building items to local families and artists for community projects and murals. This project was made possible through multiple partners and funders and with the supports from […]

September 13th 2020

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Mike’s Painting Company Donates to Us!!

At Global Paint for Charity, we enjoy working with all our partners, whether they are donors, volunteers, or contractors. Every month, we feature an individual who shares their experiences working with Global Paint for Charity. We always treat everyone who helps us like family. It is refreshing to hear their honest feedback and to share […]

September 12th 2020

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Partnered with Briarcliff Paint, a Benjamin Moore Paint Retailer located in Atlanta

Global Paint for Charity has recently partnered with Briarcliff Paint, a Benjamin Moore Paint Retailer located in Atlanta. In a brief interview with the long-time owner of Briarcliff Paint, David Caler, he speaks on how this partnership has affected his business and the area around him. In only a couple of weeks of partnership, they have already recycled over […]

August 29th 2020

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Global Paint for Charity donated over 2900 gallons of paint to support the rehabilitation projects in Guyana

Last year, Global Paint for Charity donated over 2900 gallons of paint to The Demerara Foundation to support the rehabilitation projects in Guyana. Over 400 gallons were donated to the Board of Governors at St. Rose’s High School in Guyana. This large donation has helped the school, along with other buildings, begin their beautification process. […]

June 19th 2020

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Our Representatives attended an exciting event on diversity and inclusion in San Francisco

This year, Global Paint for Charity attended an exciting event on diversity and inclusion. On February 4, our CEO and Founder, Rony Delgarde, along with other Global Paint executives headed to San Francisco for this year’s Beyond Board Forum. According to their website, Beyond Board’s primary mission is “to help support board diversity, inclusion, and […]

June 19th 2020

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Meet our May Person of the Month- Donna Ennis

Every month, Global Paint for Charity recognizes outstanding individuals and corporations from every section of our organization. Whether it be volunteers, donors, recipients, interns, or corporate partners, we like to recognize the people who help make our mission possible. This month, we have chosen to recognize an amazing advocate of diversity, inclusion, and hard work. […]

June 17th 2020

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Dear Friends, Covid-19 Hits all of Us Hard, What You Do Will Make a Difference

Dear friends, No words do justice to the uncertainty of this pandemic. The entire Global Paint for Charity team is thinking of you as we continue to practice social distancing and face fears of illness and financial loss. What keeps us hopeful these days is the generous support of the Global Paint community and the […]

April 17th 2020

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Global Paint for Charity

Dear friends, Donors, Board of Directors, Volunteers, and Recipients, It’s hard to describe what it’s like to write this email on behalf of the Global Paint for Charity organization at this time of year. 2019 has been a significant year for Global Paint for Charity, with notable projects in new communities, many articles, radio interviews, […]

December 25th 2019

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The 7th Annual America Recycles Day Paint Drive Was a Record Breaker

The 7th Annual America Recycles Day held at Coolray Field, Home of the Gwinnett Braves in Lawrenceville on November 17th was a record breaker. The Gwinnett County Residents donated 110 buckets, 18 quarts, and 2821 cans which are equivalent to 3,375.2 gallons of paint to support the Global Paint for Charity’s mission. We found 471 cans […]

December 21st 2018

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Painted Mrs. Gwendolyn Howard’s House

Painted Mrs. Gwendolyn Howard’s House Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Team from San Antonio, Texas joined GPC to paint Mrs. Gwendolyn Howard’s house. Mrs. Howard, an elderly senior, was diagnosed with cancer last year and was not able to renovate her home. She is a retired early childhood educator in the Atlanta Metro area. Her […]

December 21st 2018

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Global Paint for Charity Receives 2018 Best of Atlanta Award

ATLANTA December 12, 2018—We are thrilled to tell you that Global Paint for Charity was chosen for 2018 Best of Atlanta Awards in the category of Waste Recycling & Disposal Service & Equipment by the Atlanta Award Program. The Atlanta Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses […]

December 21st 2018

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