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Happy New Year from our Founder & CEO, Mr. Rony Delgarde

Greetings, We’re reaching out with a friendly reminder that you’re now less than 48 hours away from your last chance to make tax-deductible donations for 2022. Each year, more than one billion gallons of paint are sold to beautify homes, commercial buildings, government offices, and institutions in the United States and Canada. Still, some of […]

December 30th 2022

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How to Successfully Dispose of your Paint?

Painting is all fun until there’s leftover paint after using it to beautify your walls or decorate an area. Then you begin to wonder how to recycle it correctly and safely? Due to its hazardous nature, many garbage collection services and waste management agencies do not allow paint in trash collection bins. Also, improperly dumping […]

July 27th 2022

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Thank You Bear Mountain Painting for Your Continued Support

Our donors are heroes to the thousands of people whose life changes every day through our initiatives, Bear Mountain Custom Painting is one of them. Their passion for our cause and unshakeable commitments has helped us bring hopes back to many underserved communities around the world. Bear Mountain Custom Painting is a locally owned painting […]

July 27th 2022

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Guess who was featured on the Atlanta Small Business Network Show?

Our CEO Shares his Life Journey from the Idea to Establishing a Leading Non-Profit on the popular Business Show “The Playbook” by Mark Collier This article would delineate our CEO’s personal journey that began in the region of Haiti and reached 44 countries with a mission of changing the world with a gallon of paint […]

July 26th 2022

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2022 EarthDay Celebration Was a Great Success!

GPC spent Earth Day 2022 Nurturing Nature, Saving Earth, and the Future Our planet is special, inhabited by almost 8 billion people and nearly 8.7 million species. Our ecosystem is undergoing drastic changes and collapsing faster than ever anticipated. Overpopulation, climate change, deforestation, or pollution is never unknown to us, yet the planet we call […]

April 16th 2022

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New Addition to Our Advisory Board of Directors

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that our vision is more efficient and effective for the needs of the long-term initiatives of the entire community, we are pleased to announce Sundeep Mathur as our new Strategy Advisor. He joins our Advisory Board of Directors to increase community brand awareness and improve our logistics […]

March 21st 2022

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2021 America Recycles Day Was a Great Success!

Despite all odds and many restrictions due to the pandemic, America Recycle Day 2021 event was a huge success and surpassed many previous records, find out more about it in this blog.

January 12th 2022

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2021 HOPE Global Forums Special Report

Change, Belief, Social Justice, Equal opportunity for All; Hope Global Forum 2021 Inspired us all to Win; check out our latest blog for the key takeaways from this gala event.

January 11th 2022

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A Message from the President of Global Paint for Charity, Mr. Rony Delgarde

Shared joy is a double joy; this holiday season, you can bring a smile back on someone’s face by supporting Global paint for Charity by simply shopping at

December 26th 2021

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Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2022!

Shared joy is a double joy; this holiday season, you can bring a smile back on someone’s face by supporting Global paint for Charity by simply shopping at

December 24th 2021

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Kindness, the greatest gift ever with Amazon Smile!

Shared joy is a double joy; this holiday season, you can bring a smile back on someone’s face by supporting Global paint for Charity by simply shopping at

November 23rd 2021

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GPC Person of the Month: Dr. Leon C. Prieto 

Creating sustainable enterprises that seek out positive social change through innovative ideas and entrepreneurial principles is called Social entrepreneurship.
To know more, check out our latest blog about GPC person of the month, Dr. Preto, an associate professor at Clayton State University and a research fellow at the Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

November 12th 2021

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A Perfect Collaboration During the Pandemic.

Covid-19 has left us with no choice but to change our outlook and adapt to the new normal. The best defense mechanism to deal with this situation for us is collaboration. This story is about one of such great events we participated in.

September 17th 2021

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Milton High School Paint Drive Was A Huge Success!!

Influencing the Youth of Today to be Leaders of Global Paint Tomorrow. Global Paint for Charity (GPC) is a nonprofit, social enterprise whose program is designed to relocate old resources and support underserved communities in a self-sustainable way. One way that Rony Delgarde, CEO and founder of Global Paint, secures the organization’s success and viability […]

July 21st 2021

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Discarded Paints Get a Second Chance in Matt Letrs’s Murals

Global Paint for Charity as a Resource for Local Artists Global Paint’s mission is to create a colorful world that promotes sustainability. It is a program designed to connect existing resources to underserved communities, other organizations, and local artists. By establishing these connections, Global Paint for Charity (GPC) has been able to build and maintain […]

July 1st 2021

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Person of the Month: The Public Speaking Doctor Ariel Ghinga

A Fruitful Relationship between the Public Speaking Doctor and Global Paint for Charity (GPC) In 2012, Ariel Ghinga created Atlanta Public Speaking LLC (APS), a company that provides training programs to professionals who wish to improve their public speaking skills. The uniqueness of these programs has allowed APS to stand out among similar courses, turning […]

June 23rd 2021

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Global Paint Volunteer Spotlight: Antonio Solomon

GPC Volunteer Spotlight: Antonio Solomon By Blanca Tavera: Antonio Solomon first got involved with Global Paint for Charity (GPC) in 2016. At the time, Antonio was pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Public Policy at Georgia State University. One of the school’s requirements was that he had to complete an internship to graduate. At first, […]

May 18th 2021

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Despite Covid-19: 2020 America Recycles Day Was Huge Success!

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our 2020 America Recycles Day Was a Huge Success! By Blanca Tavera: Contributing to American prosperity and protecting our environment, America Recycles Day (ARD) is the only nationally recognized day promoting recycling and focusing on typically recycling behavior. Coordinated by the US nonprofit organization, Keep America Beautiful, ARD is an event […]

April 15th 2021

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Global Paint for Charity CEO, Rony Delgarde inducted into Marquis Who’s Who Registry By Sydney Lundeberg

On December 24, 2020, Rony Delgarde joined the ranks of Nobel Prize winners and world-famous humanitarians. He was recently inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who in America Biographical Registry for his efforts with Global Paint for Charity as well as several charitable and professional organizations. The Who’s Who registry was founded in 1898 by Albert […]

January 24th 2021

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Our 2020 Summer Paint For COVID19 project was a Major Success!

Thanks to YOU, our 2020 Summer Paint For COVID19 project was a major success! The Global Paint for Charity and partners donated over $284k worth of paint and building items to local families and artists for community projects and murals. This project was made possible through multiple partners and funders and with the supports from […]

September 13th 2020

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