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THANK YOU “we DID it together”!!!

Seven years ago, we founded Global Paint for Charity with one goal to recover unwanted paint from commercial businesses and residents to change lives of vulnerable individuals and families around the world. It has been a rewarding, difficult but gratifying journey… we intend to continue our humble works to give each person in developing countries […]

June 15th 2017

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Meet Vickie Irwin, our newest Board Member!!

I’m pleased to welcome Vickie Irwin to the Board of The Global Paint for Charity (GPC). At the last meeting, the Board of Directors voted unanimously for Vickie Irwin to join our team. Vickie is leading a team of five supplier development professionals at Georgia Power (Also GPC). Georgia Power is the largest subsidiary of […]

June 15th 2017

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Global Paint wins the national Energy Globe award of United States!

We are all so honored, humbled and delighted to announce that the Global Paint projects (Known as “Global Paint for Charity or “Global Paint“ or “GPC“) has been awarded the 2017 national Energy Globe Award winner for outstanding environment solutions. It is the largest and most renowned environmental prize worldwide. On June 5th, UN World […]

June 15th 2017

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Global Paint for Charity Website Relaunch

The Global Paint for Charity has relaunched its new website. With over 31 million internet users accessing the internet via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the new website has been designed to be mobile friendly and easy to navigate and uplift its public image. The vibrant new website features bright colors and quality […]

February 27th 2017

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Please Support Us!!

As 2016 comes to a close, on behalf of everyone at Global Paint for Charity we wish you all the best presents of this holiday season: Comfort, Health, Love, Peace, Happiness, Hope and Prosperity! We extend to you our greatest appreciation for your support and generous contributions, which are incredibly valuable in service of our […]

January 20th 2017

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Our Basic Schools Beautification Programs Got Started in Ghana!!!

We are so grateful for our team and volunteers in West Africa! Two months ago, we launched the ” Basic Schools Beautification Programs in Africa” and hope that all underserved children and adults may live, grow, learn and teach in a very comfortable and painted community one day. Well, our team and volunteers are getting […]

December 12th 2016

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Why You Should Support The Global Paint Project?

Global Paint for Charity was launched almost 6 years ago, in March 2010, to work together with businesses, households and paint manufacturers in a collective effort to recycle post-consumer Latex paint to change lives and beautify underserved communities. It has been a long journey and amazing experience for us. We collect donations of paint from […]

November 15th 2016

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Congratulations!! Global Paint was nominated as a finalist for the 2016 E3 Awards

All of us here are very humbled and delighted to announce that Global Paint for Charity has been nominated as a finalist for The Metro Atlanta Chamber 2016 Atlanta E3 Awards. 21 Finalists were chosen in seven categories from a highly competitive pool businesses successfully expanding sustainable business practices throughout the metro region. An independent […]

October 3rd 2016

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80 volunteers aim for a community beautification Day of service

   More than 80 volunteers armed with paint brushes, rollers and Roller Handles, blue tapes, trays and some paint to beautify the Empire Board of Realtists building on Saturday. The Volunteers spent the first half of the day painting the exterior and interior of the building. These volunteers from several organizations, including the United Way […]

September 26th 2016

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Donated 1000 gallons to the Hudson Hill Outreach Ministries in Chauncey Georgia

  We are so grateful to receive a large donation of Latex Paint and monetary contribution from Mars Hill Hardware Store in Marshill, North Carolina. Mars Hill Hardware is a locally, family owned hardware, equipment rental, and appliances store “The Home Depot in Marshill” where local residents can order anything they need to complete their […]

May 4th 2016

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Donated 1600 Gallons to Beautify Properties in Caryville FLorida

The Harvest Vineyard Ministries’ volunteers began their mission and are changing lives one gallon of paint at a time. They are using approximately 1600 gallons of paint that they received from the Global Paint free program to paint and beautify the old Caryville Work Camp with 18 Buildings and turned all the facilities into a […]

February 10th 2016

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Attention friends, Donors, Supporters and Partners Don’t Get Scammed!!

Unfortunately, there are lots of Scammers, crooks, thieves or just horrible people out there who are pretending to be Rony Delgarde or mentioning they are working for Global Paint for Charity in order to collect paint from businesses or your money in the name of our organization but keep the lion’s share of your donations […]

September 27th 2015

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Global Paint To Launch First Housing Development Project in Broward County Florida

Earlier last month, the Founder and CEO of Global Paint Rony Delgarde met with the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Program Director Dahlia Baker, Mayor Lamar Fischer of Pompano Beach, General Services Director Otis Thomas and City Commissioners Ed Phillips and Dale V.C. Holnes of Broward County Florida to form a partnership for a pilot project […]

August 15th 2015

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Want to serve your community? Here are quick descriptions of our Juvenile Community Service and Restitution Program.

Great opportunity for anyone needing community service hours. This program works with youth who have committed crimes in the community and are assigned community service hours. Young people are sent by the local Juvenile court judges throughout the states to volunteer and work at our warehouse facility where our staffs oversee and evaluate their work. […]

August 10th 2015

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Five years ago, Attorney David Robertson helped us prepare and file our Articles of Incorporation with the State for Global Paint for Charity, Inc. “This would be a perfect business concept to kill two birds with one stone……. The great thing about it is that you will protect the environment because each homeowner in the […]

June 21st 2015

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Happy International Women’s Day

Today is The International Women’s Day, a wonderful occasion to celebrate and thank the wonderful women who have supported us around the world, and especially those we helped in the poorest communities. Since we started this organization, women and young girls are at the center of our most successful projects. In Honduras, Guinea and Haiti, […]

March 8th 2015

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Dear Family and Friends

We hope you are doing well and renewed from the recent Thanksgiving holiday. At Global Paint for Charity, we have built our organization around caring for one another. This time of year reminds us of how grateful we are for our family and friends. This holiday season we are particularly thankful for you. We have […]

February 19th 2015

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A Letter from Rony Delgarde, President and CEO of Global Paint for Charity

Friends and Family, This Spring and Summer have been a very busy time for Global Paint for Charity. As we have continued to gain recognition for our global mission, doors have been opening at a such a rate that your support is more crucial than ever. As many of you know, I was named 2013 […]

January 19th 2015

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