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Corporate Engagement

Since 2010, Global Paint for Charity has partnered with companies of all sizes and across many businesses to engage their employees in our volunteer paint projects that make a real difference to the community. Our day of service engagement paint program was named one of the best community projects in the nation. Studies indicated that one of the top 10 drivers of employee engagement is the company’s standing for social responsibility. Through our Paint Project, volunteers from many corporations get involved in the community, networking with local residents as well as other individuals who are making a difference.

An employer rarely provides employees the opportunity and support needed to get out in the community and truly make a difference. Our paint project is something that brings people together. Regardless of the ultimate purpose(s) of your company’s social and community responsibility, our paint programs are said to build social benefits by boosting individuals ‘ability and motivation to be engaged, as well as building organizational impacts and support for the community. It is a win-win!!

If you are looking to host your company’s community service day, we have the right projects to ensure your organization’s volunteering experience goes smoothly, is engaging and meaningful for the participants, and makes a real difference in the community.

Depending on your volunteer size and other requirements, we will find an ideal paint project that meets your company’s specific needs. Projects can take place during the week days and weekends (special arrangement only) on a one-time basis or multiple times in a single year and may include employees, family members, and friends if needed. As a corporate partner or day of service organizer, you will do PR, order supplies, or our team can plan the day of service(s), order supplies and logistics, do the pre-event leg, and work with any employees who wish to serve as volunteer team leaders. On the day of service, you will be on site with your volunteers and have nothing to worry about, and we will make sure your service engagement runs smoothly.

We are currently accepting applications for the following volunteer-based projects to transform and beautify our community one house, classroom, wall or one mural at a time:


We will recognize your partnership in multiple ways:

  • Social media posts recognizing your engagement
  • Acknowledgment in our Annual Report
  • Link to your website from our website
  • Your Logo on our Donor Recognition Banners and Brochures
  • Inclusion in Thank You ad in the local newspaper(s)
  • Recognition of quarterly Newsletters

Click here to see a video that describes more about the Global Paint for Charity.

How it Works?

Your contribution to Global Paint is based on the number of participants, plus project supply, logistics costs, and related expenses. Engagements start at $2,000 for groups of up to 50 volunteers, and all supplies and tools are included. Or your company can donate to Global Paint for Charity for only $25 per volunteer, you must provide the total headcount at least one month to two weeks before the day of the service event, and you will provide all supplies and tools. The Global Paint Day of Service is going through the calendar year, with a minimum purchase of 25 participants. Frankly, it’s a lot cheaper than your local nonprofit fees. The good news is the cost to participate in our program is tax deductible. So you won’t lose anything.

All paint supplies are due to deliver to the site one day prior to the event, and most paint projects are due on Saturdays, so we highly recommend contacting us before you book your event to ensure we are not already booked on your preferred date. For more information, please email Rony Delgarde at or call him at 678-314-3521.

We are so grateful for your thoughtful support and for joining in our efforts. Please know that it’s only through kindness like yours that we can continue our commitment to beautifying our community and changing lives worldwide.

As you may be aware that Global Paint for Charity has done many projects with different government entities in your area. If there are any opportunities to help local government projects that would fit the profile of your event, you do not have to worry about getting government approval or permits, as we will most definitely take care of it. Please email and indicate the name of your organization. Your members of volunteers. You can find more information at the “Become a Partner” tab on the website. We look forward to working with you to protect the environment and contribute to the beautification of the globe.

Please fill out our Application Form to get started, you may not have all the information asked on the form, but please fill it out to the best of your ability. The more information you give us, the quicker we can match several possible activities that would work for both of us.