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Dear Friends, Covid-19 Hits all of Us Hard, What You Do Will Make a Difference

Dear friends,

No words do justice to the uncertainty of this pandemic. The entire Global Paint for Charity team is thinking of you as we continue to practice social distancing and face fears of illness and financial loss. What keeps us hopeful these days is the generous support of the Global Paint community and the core values we cherish.

Global Paint for Charity, Inc. has been in partnership with various other foundations to respond to the tremendous needs from COVID-19. As you are aware, millions of jobs have been lost. The Coronavirus has closed schools and most community centers, creating a gap in meals for children. Seniors, people with chronic conditions, and those with compromised immune systems face higher risks in public spaces — forcing many to remain at home. Many immigrant families and service workers who mainly work in the hospitality industries, and particularly in construction, environmental services, and agriculture, now follow the stay-at-home orders in our state and experience extreme anxiety over the uncertainty of what lies ahead. They can barely make ends meet and pay rent right now; simply, they cannot absorb any incomes.

While we are all justifiably concerned for the intrinsic families and their children in these fraught times, we must not forget these particularly vulnerable groups in our communities in the United States. They are just as deserving of financial assistance and support during this pandemic.

We need your support now. Our mission relies heavily on charitable support and revenue from our programs and paint donation drives to operate. We have lost nearly 85% of our critical funding sources during this Covid19 pandemic. Revenue from paint collection fees and shipping abroad have come to a halt as individuals, retailers, and contractors canceled all donation requests, and partners canceled all paint drive events and programs.

While our revenue stream decreases, the demand for our services has increased. With the Coronavirus pandemic, many paint retailers were already struggling to keep their doors closed and continued to pay their fixed expenditures while there have been no activities. Their ultimate choice is to get rid of their current inventory, which creates a surge in our large paint donations. Our operations team is desperately trying to keep accepting large paint donations for our global programs. But more substantial donations mean larger storages to keep the paint, and additional warehouses are additional fixed costs that impact our ability to remain viable.

We care deeply about the environment and understand that many people can not save to purchase a gallon of paint in their daily life right now. We have a surge of new requests, as many Georgia families are seeking financial assistance. Much of the numbers of those requests have grown substantially in the past two weeks, particularly from the immigrant communities in Dekalb, Gwinnett, and Fulton counties. We have been a hub and provider of paint supplies to the community in need, this time we want to provide not only the paint but other financial and non-financial aid to targeted communities affected by this health crisis around the world. If you can help our mission, please give today. You matter now more than ever.

One of the more alarming messages from a recipient who received 800 gallons of paint from us to renovate several dozens of homes for single seniors and veterans, started that she and her colleagues are calling supporters to make a sacrifice to help them to help the people. She said ” Rony, if you can make a contribution to help us through these next few months, to ensure that our program does not close its doors.  We would end up on the streets…. you have helped us with paint but now we need finances. I appreciate whatever you can do and I’m asking God for a special blessing upon your life for being liberal in your sacrificial giving.”
Whether you are a longtime supporter or this is your first donation, please consider making a gift during this critical period. We need your help to bridge the gap until we can resume normal operations.
Your generous financial donations will support the most vulnerable populations hit by the pandemic (including seniors, our immigrant families with children, single mothers, construction, and hourly workers).
Here’s what we will be able to do until the crisis is over: 
  • Support our local paint contractors, professional painters, and construction workers who are out of work and may not be able to qualify for unemployment benefits.
  • Assist the elderly and immigrant families through our faith organizations by supporting donation of money for food and making it very easy to receive assistance.
  • Check-in on elderly relatives and neighbors by calling on the phone, grocery shopping while practicing social distancing to help protect the elderly.
  • Send letters and words of encouragement to senior citizens and nursing homes, offering our support and love.
  • Provide support to our animal and pet owners in communities in need.
  • Work with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Rise Against Hunger, Goodr and other local non-profits to provide meals to the homeless, and children while the schools are closed.
  • Support year-long food and clothing drives, as well as, backpack ministries that provide yearlong support to children and families.
  • Help everyone by staying home and maintain social distance.
  • Educate local immigrants to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and use hand sanitizers in their native languages.
  • Providing supplies like masks, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper to immigrant families.
Again, Global Paint for Charity needs you now more than ever. When we all come together as a unified one, we can help make a more significant difference. We hope you will help us help others. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Global Paint for Charity if you are interested in supporting our efforts.

Global Paint for Charity is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your donations are tax-deductible. Organizations that wish to provide financial or in-kind support to Global Paint for Charity COVID-19 Pandemic Fund may donate online or send checks payable to Global Paint for Charity, P.O. 48855, Atlanta, GA 30362. You may contact us at 855-853-7772 or We will send you a receipt with our thanks.


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