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Discarded Paints Get a Second Chance in Matt Letrs’s Murals

Global Paint for Charity as a Resource for Local Artists

Global Paint’s mission is to create a colorful world that promotes sustainability. It is a program designed to connect existing resources to underserved communities, other organizations, and local artists. By establishing these connections, Global Paint for Charity (GPC) has been able to build and maintain beneficial relationships with groups and individuals who share a passion for art and color. Matt Letrs is an Atlanta-based muralist that has been working with Global Paint since 2015.

Founder and principal artist of All-City Murals, Matt is a strong believer of public art and of its ability to enhance our environment in a way that reflects a community’s ideas and values.

Letrs first started painting in 1995. It was not until 2011, however, that he decided to pursue a career as a full-time muralist. Although murals have a history that dates to 30,000 B.C., Matt indicated that painting murals for a living was not feasible until 10-15 years ago, when the industry was first established and began to expand. As murals’ popularity continued to grow, however, Matt Letrs decided to turn his passion and hobby into a career. After permanently relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, the muralist received his first commission work through Living Walls, a non-profit organization that produces public art in the city of Atlanta and around the world. Offers from both public and private sectors soon started to pour in, and in 2012, Letrs founded and launched his own company – All City Murals.

All-City Murals is a multifaceted business that works as an artist brokerage, artist management agency, design firm, and consulting firm. This full-service company specializes in murals and in large-scale, outdoor art; and for the past decade, Letrs and his team have completed hundreds of murals of varying sizes across the United States. Not all of Matt’s work is commission-based, however. The muralist makes the point of going out weekly and giving back to the community. “I believe one thing that makes All City Murals stand out is our focus on public artwork and our efforts to give back,” Letrs stated. “I like to put my money where my mouth is. I like to go out and paint murals whether people are watching or not. That is something All City Murals will always support and will continue to fund. We are big on community. Community comes first, and business and industry come second.”


In April 2021, Matt Letrs and his team painted a large-scale mural for Motorvation LLC, a used car dealership located in Jonesboro, Georgia. The 105 ft by 23 ft project took two weeks, 8 gallons of paint, and over 35 spray cans to complete. The paints were provided by Global Paint for Charity. For the past six years, Letrs has made several visits to GPC’s warehouse, where he is able to browse its inventory and find the paint he needs for his next project. “It was back in 2015 when I first came across Global Paint. I was searching for a wholesale paint dealer, and I found Rony (CEO and founder of GPC),” the muralist indicated. “At the time, I was organizing and hosting this big, community event called Paint for Peace with rapper Killer Mike. Rony provided the paint we needed to complete the two murals we were doing at the conference. Since then, Global Paint has become my go-to whenever I am doing a big, public art project.” According to Matt, All City Murals constantly aims to create and promote public art while highlighting its importance. It is a great way for people to add cultural, aesthetic, and economic vitality to their communities while giving them a greater sense of unity and identity.

Much like public art, the purpose of Global Paint for Charity is to rejuvenate communities, allowing residents to beautify their homes, towns, and environments. Therefore, it is imperative for Global Paint to be a dependable resource to artists like Matt Letrs. It allows them to save money and gives them access to supplies, so they are able to do what they love. The mission of GPC is extensive and perpetual, so developing strong relations with groups and individuals who share a common goal is paramount for the organization. Through its redistribution of paint, GPC can work towards achieving its goal of changing the world and help groups and individuals who wish to do the same. “I love what Global Paint does. I love the whole idea and concept, especially the community aspect of it,” Letrs informed GPC. “It gives people dignity by giving them the opportunity to make their houses look great. Every interaction I have had with Rony and Global Paint has been awesome. I’ve actually already told several friends about the organization because it’s a great resource for an artist. I am able to get what I need, and the money that you give goes to a good place. It really is a win-win.”

To learn more about All City Murals and Matt Letrs’s previous and upcoming projects, visit Letrs’s website at or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Global Paint for Charity strives to help people thrive by creating a colorful world that promotes healthy and sustainable communities. We encourage artists and individuals to get involved with GPC and to learn more about how the organization can benefit you. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or visit our website at and stay up to date on what comes next for Global Paint.