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Donated 1000 gallons to the Hudson Hill Outreach Ministries in Chauncey Georgia

  We are so grateful to receive a large donation of Latex Paint and monetary contribution from Mars Hill Hardware Store in Marshill, North Carolina. Mars Hill Hardware is a locally, family owned hardware, equipment rental, and appliances store “The Home Depot in Marshill” where local residents can order anything they need to complete their home repairs projects.

The company generously donated approximately 1000 gallons of new Benjamin Moore paint to support our humble cause. The paint is donated to the Hudson Hill Outreach Ministries in Chauncey Georgia. Hudson Hill Ministries is a nonprofit residential faith based Rehab treatment facility, a place of renovation, restoration and empowerment for men of various ages. They have a 60 yrs. old facility with 6 existing residential housing units as well as a full service cafeteria building and 3 multipurpose buildings. The ministries will turn all the facilities into a residential community that would house over 100 plus men and families to help them recover from drug addictions and alcohols, teach them Godly discipleship and fellowship and job training to help them recover from financial difficulties.

According to the Hudson Hill Outreach Ministries Leaders the paint is a blessing from God “Even though we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be in these facilities, we are in desperate need of a facelift and beautification. It is our goal to see broken men lives changed for the glory of God and to provide that man with a safe, vivid, clean, and Christian environment during his time in our program.” Pete Spratlin

We hope that the paint will bring hope and uplift the spirit of the people living in the area.
All of us at Global Paint for Charity want to thank the Mars Hill Hardware Store staffs, most importantly Mary Sue Jenkins, Manager who contacted us about the paint donation two weeks ago. Yesterday, the Global Paint’s founder Rony Delgarde, drove up to Mars Hill, North Carolina to collect the paint and reoffer it to the Hudson Hill Outreach Ministries Leaders who made arrangement to pick up the paint in MarsHill North Carolina.
“While it may not seem like a big deal to them, it is to us. We cannot do what we love without the support and donations from people and companies like Mars Hill Hardware Store and Hudson Hill Outreach Ministries. It is a win-win to everyone!!” Rony Delgarde

Global Paint for Charity is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, working together with commercial businesses, residential households and other not-for-profit organizations in an effort to recycle unwanted paint to change lives and protect the environment. The organization is now accepting unwanted Latex Paint up to 10 years old, in most cases, would be headed into landfills then our drinking water. Instead, the paint is then donated to various channels for construction, rejuvenation and beautification of schools, churches, orphanages, hospitals and family homes in poor communities around the world.

Everyone can play a role in the movement for Global Paint free paint programs success. Your monetary contributions and donations are tax-deductible. Your donation can provide buckets for repackaging the paint, cover transportation and shipping costs, or life-changing opportunities like supporting our microfinance program to help people to launch a small painting business and become successful entrepreneur. With your help, we can change the world one gallon of paint of at a time. Help us turn the unwanted paint in your basement into a resource to help those in need, protect the environment and achieve the vision of a brighter, more colorful, and beautiful communities.

Take action!! Donate to Global Paint for Charity, the link to our website is or email us at or call us Toll-free 855-853-7772