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Donated 1600 Gallons to Beautify Properties in Caryville FLorida

The Harvest Vineyard Ministries’ volunteers began their mission and are changing lives one gallon of paint at a time. They are using approximately 1600 gallons of paint that they received from the Global Paint free program to paint and beautify the old Caryville Work Camp with 18 Buildings and turned all the facilities into a Church, a Christian Ministry Bible School and residences that would house 200 plus men and families to help them recover from addictions and participate in discipleship and fellowship. “thank you so much, Global Paint, you have been a great blessing to us. The paint would help so many people come to salvation for Jesus Christ our Lord and Brighten up their futures ahead.”

The Harvest Vineyard Ministries is a Faith-Based, nonprofit, community supported organization. Their vision is helping people overcome life controlling issues through the power of Jesus Christ. Through a 12 month (required) commitment, they offer hope to people who otherwise could not have escaped the controlling cycles in which they had become accustomed. With their new painted building, the residents will be put into strictly Godly disciplines that make them successful against life controlling problems including alcoholism and drugs addiction. All residents will be placed in an environment to help them recover from financial difficulties, addiction. The goal is for those men and woman to return to society as assets to their community and become respected neighbors, responsible employees, and loyal family members and friends. It is a BIG Project and the paint is well appreciated “We are very thankful for your Contributions to help support our Community here in Caryville… We will keep you updated and send pictures of all buildings we paint in the area….Thanks Global Paint”

Thank you for continuing to put paint and building supplies in our hands to effectively do the work in the world and change many lives. Without your support and generosity, our hands would be emptied. Please consider what you can do to help get more paint and buildings materials and supplies to those in great need not just in Caryville Florida but around the world. If you would like to fully fund a paint project, please contact us by email at or call our Team at 855-853-7772. Our volunteer team will work with you to find a paint project in the community that matches your interest.

If you would like to host a paint drive or paint project, please contact us by email at or call our Team at 855-853-7772. Together We Can Make a Difference and paint the world one gallon at a time.

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