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“At Global Paint for Charity, we believe a layer of paint on the walls will change everyone lives and transform communities for years to come; it can protect against mold, bacteria and dangerous germs, the presence of which have a disproportionately negative effect on health outcomes in poorer communities. By filling out the application below, our donation center will be notified, the deadlines vary due to the number of request we already have VS our current inventory. Please allow six weeks for a response. Your organization will be notified of results either by email or by telephone. Also, submitting your free paint request form is the first step, in order to fulfill our mission, we need funding not only to sort and prepare your request but to support our entire programs. Please consider making a monetary donation when filling your request. Your monetary and shipping costs are tax-deductible!

For a 40-foot or 20-foot sea container of paint please contact us via email at or call us today at (855) 853-7772.

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