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Are my donations of paint to GPC tax-deductible as a charitable gift?

Yes. While we appreciate your generosity, Global Paint will not evaluate your paint donations. Federal laws and EPA regulations state that paint is a common product that can become a household hazardous waste if not used up; and must be in “good used” standards or better in order to be classified as tax deductible. Global Paint for Charity is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the IRS. The donation you make to Global Paint for Charity is a tax-deductible. When you make a donation through our website, you will receive the confirmation by e-mail for your tax records. You also can print the confirmation page that appears on your computer screen after you’ve completed your on-line contribution. Also when you donate paint to us, your Paint Donation Request Form is proof that you have properly disposed of your paint (this is very useful for a business). And you can always contact us at any time and we will issue the tax-receipt or a copy of the Paint Donation Request Form. For more information about how to properly record your donations, please contact us at

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