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How do I dispose of paint that can’t be donated?

Suggestions for Oil Paint Recycling and/or Disposal

Currently Global Paint for Charity does not have a location or program for oil paint and Stain disposal or recycling, but here are some options that you can choose from:

  • Stain is not accepted for recycling but can be dried out, bagged and disposed of with your trash.

To dry out the ‘Stain,’ simply place some cat litter, shredded paper or sand into the container, leave the lid off and allow to dry for a few days. Once the product is dry, double bag each container (up to one gallon in size only) and place inside your trash cart. Please keep in mind that there is a weight limitation for your trash cart, so please place no more than one or two cans of dried stain, into your trash container each week.

  • You can contact any of the C&D Landfills listed below and ask if they accept oil paint, as well as inquiring about the drop-off fee.

C&D Landfills

  1. Oak Grove Sanitary Landfill located in Winder, GA 770-867-2499
  2. Walton C&D Landfill located in Monroe, GA 770-266-6967
  3. UWL – Richland Creek located in Buford, GA 770-271-3575
  4. 78 C&D Landfill located in Monroe, GA 770-207-6040
  5. Rogers Lake Landfill located in Lithonia, GA 770-482-4983 & 4984
  • Other Option

Take your oil paint to any of the Atlanta Paint Disposal locations. Fees apply

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