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How does the paint you provide get shipped and distributed?

We consolidate the paint and ship it overseas in drums or five-gallon buckets made of plastic fabrics. We don’t ship cans and quarts of paint containers because they may be made of cheap metal that can deteriorate or break down if exposed to server salty sea air and ocean water. This is especially true for shipment to seaports in Africa or certain regions in Central America and Caribbean. We work closely with our distribution partners, missionary churches, charitable organizations and U.S. government agencies operating in developing countries to manage the distribution of the paint. Accountability is essential to our success. So we seek out organizations that have a proven track record of successfully getting the paint to the vulnerable populations, distributing it properly and being able to handle the responsibilities of a paint project while keeping the paint out of the hands of corrupt government officials, criminals and local entrepreneurs. We require our partners to document how they distribute our paint and provide us with testimonials and “Before and After” pictures of the places that were painted and families who receive the paint whenever possible.

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