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Is there any way to quantify the success of the program?

When donating paint and paint products, we generally work with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as church groups, missionaries and healthcare organizations in the recipient countries. We recognize that it is not enough to simply beautify people’s homes and schools, donate paint and walk away. It is not enough to just send the paint then “wait and see.” This is why we seek to partner with more organizations that promote continued sustainability and economic development in the developing world. Many organizations are building schools with sport stadiums, libraries, orphanages, hospitals, clinic centers, churches, and family homes for local residents. In this context, our paint can be used to jump start their projects to help millions of people and families around the world and save these organizations thousands of dollars. We ask that they keep the paint out of the hands of corrupt government officials and criminals and make sure the local residents don’t sell the paint. In order to achieve the greatest efficiency and sustainability, we require certain commitments from our partners and donees in the geographical locations where they assist us. We conduct annual surveys of organizations that participate in our programs. The vast majority of respondents in our latest survey believe The Global Paint for Charity is the revolution needed to change lives and transform communities around the world.

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