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Global Paint for Charity donated over 2900 gallons of paint to support the rehabilitation projects in Guyana

Board of Governors at St. Rose’s High School in Guyana and Mike Singh, the Founder & Chairman of The Demerara Foundation.

Last year, Global Paint for Charity donated over 2900 gallons of paint to The Demerara Foundation to support the rehabilitation projects in Guyana. Over 400 gallons were donated to the Board of Governors at St. Rose’s High School in Guyana. This large donation has helped the school, along with other buildings, begin their beautification process. In partnership with The Demerara Charitable Foundation and Crowley Shipping, this project has allowed and will continue to enable these influential places to become just as memorable on the outside as they are on the inside.
St. Roses High school is a place of prestige, stature, and excellent education with a long and distinguished history as it was founded by The Sister of the Ursuline Convent based in Athlone, Ireland who traveled to British Guiana in 1860. It has been home to many successful, hard-working women and later on men when the school became co-ed in 1975.

Many graduates have gone on to attend other prestigious institutions like Yale Stanford, MIT, University of Toronto, Cambridge, Oxford, and have led distinguished careers in a number of FORTUNE 500 companies globally or have become senior staff members of the United Nations. Coming from humble beginnings, St. Rose’s was built of wood and concrete, and has been added on too in preparation for a growing student population.

The newest wing of the school will be worked on for restoration, allowing it to become colorful and alive again. In 2021, a celebratory reunion of successful alumni will meet in the redecorated school, and a plaque thanking Global Paint and The Demerara Charitable Foundation for their contribution will be unveiled and to be celebrated as well.
In December of last year, the paint was shipped across seas and arrived later in January of 2020 with the generous help of Crowley Shipping Services. The paint originally started the journey to Guyana by arriving in Florida, where The Demerara Charitable Foundation headed by Mike Singh Foundation solicited the generous assistance of Crowley Maritime Corporation.
There were many people involved to thank, including the following; Joe Otero, Danny Vargas, Ana Molina Diaz, Joanne Puig, and Luz Pardo, who were all essential to the success of the shipment through Crowley Maritime Corporation.
When the paint arrived in Guyana, the team at Zip Logistics who are agents for Crowley Maritime Corporation were prompt in getting the necessary shipping documents out to The Demerara Charitable Foundation.

Mrs. Sean Holder (Customs Broker), Roslyn Corlette of the GRA, and Vincent Thakur were crucial in this delivery. A team of roughly 50 volunteers from a trade school in Guyana will be continuing their generous work when they can, but for right now, things are on hold.

However, many people will be impacted by this project and already have been such as 1,000 students at St. Rose’s along with members of Christian, Islamic & Hindu places of worship, and several Venezuelan refugee homes have all been affected through the power of color.
St. Agnes, the preparatory school to St. Rose’s, will also be painted in the future after the completion of St. Rose’s. The return of a vibrant atmosphere to these places that are full of culture will only allow more joy back into all of these people’s lives and will inspire them to be the best version of themselves every day.

According to Mike Singh, the Founder & Chairman of The Demerara Foundation, they are grateful for Global Paint’s donations and look forward to working with them more.
Mike Singh, along with many others in this project, has been extremely important to its success, having been influenced by such great leaders as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Global Paint would like to thank these important individuals and companies for helping us to achieve our goals. Due to COVID-19, parts of the project have been delayed but will hopefully pick up again later this summer. Our partners and friends like Mike Singh believes that the most important thing you can do is lift another person out of poverty or help them in some way. We are excited to carry out the inspiration throughout future projects.

Author: Caroline Embleau