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Global Paint Volunteer Spotlight: Antonio Solomon

GPC Volunteer Spotlight: Antonio Solomon

By Blanca Tavera:
Antonio Solomon first got involved with Global Paint for Charity (GPC) in 2016. At the time, Antonio was pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Public Policy at Georgia State University. One of the school’s requirements was that he had to complete an internship to graduate. At first, he sent out tons of resumes and submitted tons of applications, and he didn’t get any response. It was until he came across the mission of Global Paint for Charity that he decided to apply for an internship opportunity. And 48 hours later, he was happy to receive an email invitation to interview for a volunteer position within the organization. It has been five years, however, and Antonio continues to be actively involved with the organization. “Global Paint has a noble mission,” Antonio stated. “It is really geared towards making other people’s lives better. I found it (GPC), and it worked out really well. This organization was and continues to be a good fit for me.” During that time, things were very challenging for Antonio, managed the duties of a father of two, a full-time student, and an employee. Despite his hectic schedule, however, he enthusiastically puts in the effort to make time for Global Paint and its events, further demonstrating his commitment to the organization and its goal to change the world one gallon at a time.

As a volunteer coordinator, Antonio was assigned to different projects provided to him by Rony Delgarde, the CEO and Founder of Global Paint for Charity. These projects commonly consist of working various paint donation drives that take place throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Antonio’s primary role is to collect the paint, load it, and take it back to the warehouse. Once the paint reaches the warehouse, it is repurposed. Then he led the logistic operations from getting the paints loaded on shipping containers and then scheduled cargo pickup to port in Savannah or Miami. Then the paint gets distributed in underserved communities in 44 countries in Africa, Central & South America, the Caribbean, and targeted cities in the USA where local artists, or other organizations, allowing residents and members to make their homes and cities beautiful.

In 2018, Antonio Solomon started law school at Mercer University and he graduates this month, May 2021. According to Antonio, the law has the capability of being very broad. It is this inclusivity and all-encompassing nature that he appreciates and enjoys the most. “Every aspect of our lives is controlled by law to a degree,” he proclaimed. “Everything that you do. Even something as simple as the paper towels that you use, there is some law related to that product that affected it at some point.” One of the main goals of studying law is to provide people with the skill to think analytically and critically. This allows them to be the representation others need, despite laws’ tendency to evolve constantly. Antonio did inform us that the most significant breakdown in law to him is criminal vs. civil. He is currently geared more towards pursuing a career in civil law. It is something he is actively practicing, and he views it as tiring but meaningful work. To Antonio, this is another way to help people solve their problems.

Although law school has forced Antonio to scale back his involvement with Global Paint, he and Rony Delgarde continue to maintain a solid and mutualistic relationship with one another. “Rony is a great guy,” Antonio affirmed. “It’s been five years, and I can still pick up the phone and call Rony if I need anything or if I need to talk to him about anything.” Antonio continues by mentioning that both Rony and the organization have influenced him as a professional and as a person. Working with GPC has impacted his career and has altered how he views the world. It introduced him to different people with different backgrounds and lifestyles, providing him a more holistic understanding and viewpoint of how others live and their challenges.

To Antonio, the organization is a good representation of what an upstanding moral citizen is and does. “While it (morality) is not something that I specifically learn from Global Paint, just seeing the type of work that the organization does, the type of person that Rony is, and what he puts into the organization, I mean that is just what you want to see, you know.” As Antonio navigates his career as a lawyer, Global Paint will continue to demonstrate its support. Several people think about changing the world, but very few do it. At Global Paint, our mission is to put that thought into action, and we believe that Antonio will strive to do the same.

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