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Our CEO Shares his Life Journey from the Idea to Establishing a Leading Non-Profit on the popular Business Show “The Playbook” by Mark Collier

This article would delineate our CEO’s personal journey that began in the region of Haiti and reached 44 countries with a mission of changing the world with a gallon of paint at a time through the world’s first sustainable waste paint management company, Global Paint for Charity.

Our CEO, Rony Delgarde, recently appeared on a popular business show, The Playbook by Mark Collier over ASBN. During this interview, he was asked multiple questions about his personal journey and how he started the first Global Paint for Charity. Thus, we are writing this article to reach out to our wonderful readers, active listeners, and well-wishers, because of whom we are successfully serving humanity across the globe. In addition, we thank our donors for supporting us through thick and thin on our mission to make this world a better living place through paint.

How GPC formed

Hailing from the region of Haiti, Rony moved to Miami in his childhood, where colors are considered a sign of life. Despite his struggling childhood, he always loved colors and made them a medium to share his life with the world. However, as he could not get proper schooling in Haiti, he started learning new skills while shifting jobs due to his quenchless nature upon his arrival in the USA. During his interview, he told the host that he was not happy with life because he could not make any difference in the world through his work. In the meantime, Haiti was hit the hardest by the earthquake of 2010. This earthquake had kindled the light of conscience of our CEO, who decided to do something for the victims of the worst natural hazard that plagued the lives of millions.

During his self-thinking, our CEO realized that painting the homes of these hapless people might help bring positivity. Thus, he finalized that he would make a difference through colors by beautifying the homes of the masses in this hard time. Further, he shared in this interview that his only mission was to bring back smiles over the face of grieved locals and to normalize their lives by giving them every ease they deserve. Natural hazards as an opportunity to distribute smiles and joys in untoward circumstances by using colorful paint.

Thus, Haiti’s earthquake became a defining moment in Rony’s life. He accumulated all his strength and decided to act accordingly. His philosophy was simple, “ Color can make a difference.” Thus, he established a Non-Profit Organization and named it Global Paint for Charity. The earthquake in 2010 devastated much of the country, and nearly 100,000 people were forced to escape the destruction. GPC was able to manage to ship 20,000 gallons – or half a million-dollars worth of paint – to support an initiative called “Beauty versus Poverty.” As a result, hundreds of houses were transformed from dusty and dirty eyesores to colored beauties on top of a mountain in the capital.

As a result, the tourism industry flourished, and it also boosted the economy. A change such as this surely brings more hope and helps the communities to thrive. The paint didn’t solve all their problems, but residents managed to find dignity, happiness, and a sense of community, despite the challenges of poverty and oppression.

Our CEO also narrated an interesting story during his interview about what steered him to establish the very first sustainable paint waste management company, GPC. As he was eager to purchase paint for Haiti locals, he visited a nearby shop. There he met a lady who wanted to return some gallons of leftover paint. Unfortunately, the paint retail store denied accepting paint returns while Rony was standing nearby. As soon as she left the store, Rony approached her & tried to persuade her to sell the paint to him. The lady was kind enough to give him all the paint free of cost.

Later on, our nonprofit’s operations began, and we started collecting leftover paints from the residents while using the leftover paints and unopened gallons of paint to color the homes of destitute and neglected segments of society. Meanwhile, our CEO utilized technology and found that every household in America had ten gallons of leftover paint while 70 million gallons are wasted every year.

As long as the operational mission of GPC is concerned, our mission is to protect the environment by reducing the amount of paint and performing sustainable paint waste management. We intend to bring smiles to the faces of people who cannot afford paint while utilizing the leftover paints, which ensure a clean and green environment. Moreover, our vision is to use latex paint to promote a sustainable, healthy, and colorful environment for everyone across the globe.

Some of GPCs Greatest Achievements

Donating 600 gallons of paint to renovate the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta in honor of its 50th anniversary is perhaps one of our favorite projects. Few leaders have changed the fabric of America as much as King, who was perhaps one of the greatest civil rights leaders of his time. His message is still relevant today as the country continues to press for equal education, universal equality, racial and social justice, and economic opportunity for all. To be a part of his legacy and beautify his building and meet his daughter was indeed an unforgettable experience for Rony

In Ghana, we sent paint to villages that were hit hard by economic disparity and poverty. Prior to our shipment, the communities were bleak. Garbage littered the yards and streets, and no clean water for people to drink. The healthcare system was non-existent, and people woke up every day with no hope.

We wanted to do something to impact the community, so we sent them to paint, and people selected their favorite colors for their homes. Word spread on social media when they shared photos of their newly painted homes. That was a proud moment for the people of Ghana.

The same thing happened in Uganda at a refugee camp. People were staying in tents in the slums. We were sent several shipments of paint, and some of the people painted their tents. The brightly painted tents restored joy in an otherwise untenable situation. Beaming with joy and excitement, they all came out to celebrate this BIG moment of their lives. The paint doesn’t solve the food shortage or health issues, but somehow it gives them hope.

When the neglected segments of society see their homes being decorated and painted, they shine, smile, and reflect joy, making us stronger than ever.

Help GPC help them…

Running a Non-Profit organization depends upon fundraising. It was equally difficult for an individual who has been raised in a traditional family where children are taught to cut their coats according to their clothes, Rony felt it terrible to ask for funds. But with the slow internalization of the effectiveness and value impacts of Global Paint for Charity over humanity, he overcame such fears and advocated this global cause of saving the environment from all deleterious causes.

This has simply got reflected in our team, and we started confidently requesting donations to individuals, corporations, and every business that could help in any way. Thus, many corporations supported us with gallons of paints and otherwise, financially. In addition, when our story was covered by CNN and FOX, we started receiving hundreds of calls daily. Consequently, we started collecting 99% of unopened paints, financial donations, and other physical apparatus. We also began to paint the homes for the destitute segment whose houses were never painted before, now are painted for generations to come. Thus, we became the source of dissemination of smiles and joy.

We are a sustainable paint waste management company working for the neglected segments wholeheartedly. We share smiles by cleaning the environment from hazardous paints that cause serious health issues to human beings. We normalize people by beautifying their homes and surroundings and establish a strong civil society where people are loved, respected, and most importantly, cared for. Thus, we fulfill our mission to make this world a better place for living.

To know more about our company, our services, and how we serve our community, please visit our website You can also donate money, paints, and other useful materials to keep us working 24/7 for the sake of desirable change in this world. Your financial donations can help cover the various operating costs and help us help our community; visit are only one click away; please feel free to contact us, and let’s Collaborate to make this world a heaven-like place where green environment flourishes and love reigns.



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