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The Global Paint for Charity was founded in 2010 by Rony Delgarde, a native of Haiti who arrived in America at the Miami International Airport over a decade ago with five dollars, a holy Bible in his pocket and a dream to educate himself and become empowered within a career path. It was his arrival in Miami that started the spark of passion that lives within him today. If you ask Rony, he will tell you a vibrant story of how seeing the beauty of colors within the homes and professional buildings of Miami made him think about paint and how something as simple as rehabilitating a house with paint in third world countries can breathe new beauty into those areas and help bring change, hope and happiness.

He was first inspired to collect paint in March 2010, when he visited Kenya and Uganda to help donate basic health supplies and nutrition kits to mothers in the refugee camps. He then found out there is a huge need for paint in the areas. Many of the existing family tents, homes, schools, churches, and orphanages that he saw are in such a poor state of renovation and beautification that they are not only uninhabitable but also poorly conducive to safety and health living standards. That’s where he realized the need to beautify global housing projects in the region.

Rony immediately started collecting paint after his Africa trip, hoping to collect 500 gallons of paint to renovate a school and orphanage in Africa within the same year. In fact, the paint that was collected in a single day was unbelievable. Over 6,000 gallons of paint were collected at the Gwinnett Braves in Buford Georgia. The spectacular response from the supporters, partners, volunteers and the media has encouraged him to continue to collect paint and raise money to ship and distribute it. ”

Following this success, people from coast to coast have contacted him to donate their paint for this worthwhile cause. At the time he picked up all paint donations; he has gone to residences and businesses as far away from Atlanta as Macon and Savannah, Georgia to collect paint. Later, he decided to create a non-profit organization to work together with commercial businesses, residential households and paint manufacturers in an effort to recycle Latex paint to change lives, transforming communities and protecting the environment one gallon at a time. Rony and his team have salvaged several hundred thousand gallons of paint and redistributed more than 200,000 gallons of paint to help with renovation and rejuvenation in many major cities in the U.S. and targeted communities in 34 developing countries in the Caribbean, Central America, the Middle East and Africa. ”

Today, The Global Paint for Charity is the top sustainable paint waste management in the world. The organization is accepting unwanted Latex Paint up to 10 years old, in most cases, could have been headed into landfills then our drinking water. The paint is then donated to various channels for construction, rejuvenation and beautification of different projects around the world. As many as 6000 gallons of paint have been shipped at a time to developing countries, including Ghana,  Equatorial Guenea, Liberia, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Guyana,  and Mexico. The organization also shipped paints to those affected by the 2010 earthquake that killed over 200,000 people and left million others homeless in Haiti. The organization hopes to be able to offer additional items including solar powered electricity, clean drinking water and building of new toilets. This will ensure sustainable community and enable the population including students to perform better in their studies, enabling a more productive and healthier society.

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Global Paint for Charity, Inc. is honored to have been recognized by many organizations and agencies for our services and charitable business success, our commitment to changing lives and bringing hope and beautification in underserved community around the world.


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While we look forward to continuing the work we have been doing since 2010, we wish to undertake many great accomplishments every year. Every day many people are inspired by our work whether by donating their unwanted paint or supporting our programs and change lives together. It is your support which allows GPC to fulfill our mission by beautifying communities, strengthening neighborhood happiness and promoting colors and beautifications in the poor communities around the world.

Please help Global Paint for Charity give the incomparable gift of beautification to families around the world. Thousands of gallons of paint can be shipped in sea containers paid for by contributions from generous people like you. It costs about $10 to send a bucket of paint from the United States to another country. Global Paint for Charity has shipped more than 200,000 gallons of paint to 34 different countries since 2010. And for just $100, you can send one Kit of Hope to give a family access to bright colors to paint their home and $5000 will renovate an entire school for many years. With your help, we can change the world. Let’s work together this year to send gallons and buckets of hope into the world’s darkest shantytowns and slum cities.

Thanks again for your support, and remember: While one person can make a change, only together we can change the world.

Board Of Directors

Our efforts are supported by a Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds and expertise dedicated to serving the mission of Global Paint for Charity and providing governance and guidance to the organization. Please see below for brief biographies of our talented board.

For details on our current Board of Directors please visit our “Board of Directors” at http://globalpaints/board-of-directors


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