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2021 HOPE Global Forums Special Report




















Global Paint’s representatives were excited to be a part of the extraordinary Hope Global Forum 2021. This is the largest gathering of the world in which more than 4800 delegates from around 60 countries participated in the upliftment of underserved and marginalized communities ( It’s is an excellent platform to exchange ideas and create opportunities for building an economy and public policies that benefit everyone. The event aims to build more resilient communities and inclusive society with equal opportunities. The last event was held in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 19th,2021. Several Global Paint for Charity volunteers, interns, and executives joined this event virtually or in-person to spark the conversation.

This time the event emphasized “Meeting the moment,” which John Hope Bryant defines as facing challenges, or changes in life, head-on and coming up with sustainable and long-term solutions to secure the future. Since the last year, we have met with some of the worst moments, be it the global pandemic, the racial attack in the different parts of the world, or financial instability. Still, we can’t do much to change the situation. So now, more than ever, it’s important to change ourselves. Hope Global Forum 2021 aimed to figure out how to adapt to fight the challenges together and become stronger as a community during these changing times. HOPE Founder and event co-chair, John Hope Bryant quoted-

“This is our moment. Times are changing, but our mission is, remains the same —to make the global economy work for everyone.”(Yahoo News).


Our CEO and Founder, Rony Delgarde, returned to the 2021 HOPE Forum for the 8th year in a row. This is one of his favorite events of the year, and undoubtedly, it turned out to be an unforgettable event this time. For Mr. Delgarde, the time spent during this event was very productive as he got the opportunity to network with peers, thought leaders, and industry experts like the US Ambassador Andrew Young, Steve Boland, CAO of Bank of America, Michael Cristal – VP of Kroger Corporation, Bill Rogers, CEO of Truist Bank, and many more. The three daylong events had some lively discussions and pre-recorded sessions. Every moment in the event was insightful and thought-provoking.

The 2021 HOPE Global Forum was attended by some of the top global leaders in the industries, including:

Many other leading organizations, including NASCAR, NIKE, and Shopify, also joined. Ideas shared during this event could carefully design a strategy for building a self-sustainable community. This time this event focused mainly on five areas:

  1. Racial and Economic Inclusion
  2. Thriving in the Post-COVID Economy
  3. Banking on Small Business Success
  4. Putting Policy into Practice
  5. Wellbeing

We strongly believe that working together as a global community during the trying times to manage or mitigate the risk is the key, which was reiterated by many delegates during the event “Even it seems like we are already in the post-Covid era. Still, we don’t want to get back to where we are before Covid hit us because where we were before was well good enough (Stephanie Ruhle-Senior Business Correspondent-NBC News: Hope Forum2021).”

When things get bad, the best things come out of it, our community will surely rise above it, but it will take a different level of cooperation to facilitate the change we want to see around us. HOPE Global Forums presents networking, knowledge, and resource-sharing opportunities to help the communities secure their future and bring sustainable change, hope, and happiness.

It was a great moment of inspiration for the entire team of Global Paint for Charity. To share the ideas with some of the world’s best thought leaders and influencers was an incredible experience. We want to give a huge thanks to the organizers and especially to John Hope Bryant, the CEO and Chairman of Operation Hope and the HOPE Global Forum event creator, for making this possible.


Global Paint always stands together as the backbone of the efforts and supports every initiative to create a more inclusive and diverse community. Hope Global Forum 2021 inspired us to work even harder to bring positive changes to the world. Visit;  to know more about us and our sustainability and community welfare initiatives. If you or your organization wants to be part of this transformation, you can contact us at 855-853-7772 or Email us at for further information and pledge your support.

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