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How Bank of America helped protect the environment in Atlanta

We hear stories of how organizations and people come together to support a good cause and raise awareness for certain problems entirely because of their concern and their sense of responsibility towards society. Well, this story is something like that. The wrongful disposal of paint, especially the dumping of wet paint in landfills, is a significant environmental hazard that should be addressed. Therefore, in order to spread awareness about the harmful effects of wrongly disposed of paint and the merits of recycling it, the Global Paint for Charity (GPC) has collaborated with the Bank of America to organize a Paint Drive last month. Due to the enthusiastic participation of the Bank of America volunteers, the Drive was an absolute success.

Everyone was determined to work as a team and donate as much paint as possible in order to encourage an E-Waste and Paint recycling event, free for Bank of America employees. Due to the volunteers’ passion, several hundred gallons of paint were donated! This was not the first paint drive organized by The Global Paint for Charity but the results of such have motivated the Bank of America volunteers to put together other paint programs in the future with other collaborators on a much larger scale. This Paint Drive aided in the successful recycling of a great quantity of paint, rather than have them pollute the landfills.


When the CEO of the Global Paint for Charity, Mr. Rony Delgarde, was asked about his take on the Drive, he said that “It’s great to see so many employees of Bank of America taking an interest in protecting our environment while improving underserved communities around the world. That’s how you know that there’s still some hope left because many people care.” And the event Administrator, Jerry Travers, Bank of America, WSS Problem Management, said that “It’s been very good, a good number of employees bring their old paint and electronics for disposal.” An affiliate volunteer said ‘the drive has been fantastic, in terms of quantity of donation and the employees that are donating their paint to such a humble cause, it’s a win-win for everyone than any other community event I’ve done this year”. An extended monetary donation from the Bank of America’s WSS Problem Management Committee to Global Paint for Charity for administrative expenses for the drive as well as helping in the beautification and renovation of the communities of underserved people. This contribution will also help reinforce GPC’s continued mission of recycling donated paint and fostering conversations on community beautification and enrichment.

GPC would like to thank the Bank of America for their corporate responsibility, amazing volunteers and their generous donation. Their unwavering support for a sustainable future is what made the Drive a success. Watch out for the next Paint Drive and volunteer soon!


Global Paint for Charity is an Atlanta based organization with a vibrant vision to help repaint the world one gallon at a time. With the help of the communities served, GPC collects leftover paint and redistributes it to venerable individuals and communities in developing countries around the world and major cities in the United States of America. By 2017, GPC had distributed over 200,000 gallons of paint to the poor in 34 different countries. Access to paint helps prevent the spread of bad germs strongly attached to the interior surface of local immobilities and helps beautify the underserved communities. It’s estimated that 80 percent of the third world’s homes and schools face the dreary reality of unpainted walls, and more than 70 million children have never had access to a painted classroom.

Check out the website to make a donation, find upcoming events, recent news and to learn how to become a part of the inspiring organization.

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