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Founder of Global Paint for Charity, Rony Delgarde, was featured in the May issue of Simply Buckhead magazine along with Greenberg Traurig.

Founder of Global Paint for Charity, Rony Delgarde, was featured in the May issue of Simply Buckhead magazine along with Greenberg Traurig.

The May cover issue discusses how to set up a nonprofit organization for success by telling Degarde’s story and how he was able to turn an idea into a reality while utilizing the help of legal services.

“Rony Delgarde, founder of Global Paint for Charity, found his passion while volunteering with CARE, an international humanitarian agency, delivering emergency relief in Uganda where the buildings were void of color. He thought about the difference a coat of paint would make, not only to protect the structures, but to bring color and joy to the people they serve.”

To read more check out the May issue of Simply Buckhead!

Turning Passion into Action

Simply Buckhead

Greenberg Traurig
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July 14th 2023

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Volunteers collect paint

UNLV Earth Day Paint Recycling Event Collects Thousands of Pounds of Paint, Strengthens Partnerships for Sustainability

Volunteers collect paint

Volunteers load up donated paint for recycling in the parking lot of the Thomas and Mack Center on April 22nd.

LAS VEGAS, NV–Global Paint for Charity partnered with graduate students in the Urban Leadership program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to put on an Earth Day paint recycling event on April 22nd in the parking lots at the Thomas and Mack Center on the UNLV campus. This collaborative effort, which also involved Units of Las Vegas Moving and Portable Storage, the UNLV Rebel Recycling Center, MGM Resorts International, the Blind Center of Nevada, and students in the Harrah College of Hospitality, resulted in the collection of 6,567 pounds of paint. Seventeen dedicated volunteers collected donations from 77 participants, exemplifying GPC and UNLV’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Global Paint for Charity, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has been at the forefront of recycling latex paint from residents and businesses since 2010. With a mission to protect the environment and assist underserved communities, GPC has recycled more than 5 million pounds of paint over the past thirteen years, redistributing it to 44 countries. UNLV Masters of Arts candidates John Brislin and Kenneth Cottrell organized the event and enlisted the help of GPC to make their initiative to recycle paint a reality. Cottrell is an executive board member for both the 100 Black Men of Las Vegas and Global Paint for Charity.

The Paint Pollution Crisis:

According to Cottrell and Breslin, paint pollution is a global crisis, with 50% of all household hazardous waste in the United States attributed to paint. Many homes in the country have anywhere from 10-20 gallons of leftover or unused paint stored in basements and garages. Shockingly, only 7% of leftover paint is currently being recycled. Paints often contain metallic pigments, which are classified as hazardous waste, including cadmium, chromium, lead, silver, barium, mercury, arsenic, and selenium. Proper disposal and recycling of paint are essential to prevent these harmful chemicals from contaminating the environment and endangering public health.

Building Partnerships for a Greener Future:

The Earth Day paint recycling event successfully established a valuable partnership between Global Paint for Charity and the UNLV Rebel Recycling program. By collaborating with Units of Las Vegas and the university, the event organizers ensured that the community had a convenient and accessible location to drop off their unused paint. This new partnership highlights these organizations’ collective effort to create a sustainable future and promote responsible waste management.

Aiming for Greater Impact:

The success of this event sets the stage for an annual paint drive in the parking lot of the Thomas and Mack Center. Cottrell and Breslin have a goal of recycling 55,000 pounds of paint at future Earth Day recycling events at UNLV. This initiative aims to expand the impact of Global Paint for Charity’s mission and make a significant contribution to reducing paint pollution. By providing a centralized location for paint drop-offs, event organizers hope to encourage more individuals and businesses to participate actively in paint recycling and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

The Earth Day paint recycling event was a resounding success. The dedication of the volunteers and generous contributions from community members resulted in the collection of 6,567 pounds of paint. This event not only addressed the pressing issue of paint pollution but also fostered valuable partnerships between Global Paint for Charity and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. GPC would like to thank Cottrell and Breslin, UNLV ,Units of Las Vegas Moving and Portable Storage, the UNLV Rebel Recycling Center, MGM Resorts International, the Blind Center of Nevada, students in the Harrah College of Hospitality and everyone who collaborated to make this project a reality. 

As the world faces the challenges of environmental degradation and waste management, initiatives like this paint recycling event serve as crucial steps toward a sustainable future. By supporting Global Paint for Charity’s mission, you can help to protect the environment, assist underserved communities by providing them with adequate paint resources and collectively make a positive impact on our planet. Contact Global Paint at 855-853-7772 or at to pledge your support, or donate here.  

May 31st 2023

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Cars lining up at Recycling event

Global Paint for Charity’s Earth Day Event Collects 28,000 lbs of Paint in Metro Atlanta

Cars lining up at Recycling event

Many Gwinnett County residents lined up to donate paint at GPC’s 12th annual Earth Day event at Coolray field.

By Eric Mock

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA–On April 22, 2023, Global Paint for Charity successfully hosted its 12th annual Earth Day Recycling event at Coolray Field. This event brought together dozens of enthusiastic volunteers who, together with Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful and the Gwinnett County Solid Waste Division, collected an impressive 28,000 pounds of paint. The event showcased the power of collective action in safeguarding our environment and supporting underserved communities.

Global Paint for Charity’s Earth Day Recycling event has become an eagerly anticipated tradition, attracting volunteers from all walks of life who share a passion for environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Global Paint for Charity volunteers and Gwinnett County workers expected to collect thousands of gallons of paint in just a few hours. And this year’s event did not disappoint, with Gwinnett County residents donating a staggering 28,000 pounds of paint (approximately 2,500 gallons), a testament to the dedication of Gwinnett County government, its residents and our volunteers to the planet.

Executive Director of Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Schelly Marlatt said the following about the event, “It takes all of us to collectively work together to save our planet, no matter what corner of the world we live in. Events such as Earth Day are a great way to repurpose items that you no longer need that can be used by someone else – whether it be paint recycled into different colors and shipped to countries who couldn’t otherwise afford paint, to recycling textiles which are made into other items such as mattresses, insulation, and more. Saving landfill space and precious resources, limiting waste are among the immediate wins but by recycling these items, it also creates jobs, boosts the economy and more. It truly is a win-win-win!”

Marlatt went on to say, “Global Paint for Charity has been a long-standing community partner in helping Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful further our mission of connecting people and resources for a sustainable Gwinnett and as Executive Director, I could not be more thankful to have GPC not only as a sustainability partner, but a friend who shares the same philosophy in wanting to create a world with less waste and leaving it brighter and more colorful for future generations.”

Simultaneously Supporting the Environment and Underserved Communities:

Global Paint for Charity’s mission goes beyond environmental conservation; it also aims to assist underserved communities through the responsible management and redistribution of paint resources. By collecting unused or unwanted paint, the organization prevents harmful chemicals from contaminating landfills and water sources, while also making a positive difference in the lives of those in need. The collected paint will be sorted, processed, and distributed to community centers, schools, and non-profit organizations that lack the resources to afford paint for their projects. This event exemplifies the organization’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for both the environment and communities facing economic challenges.

The Power of Paint Recycling:

Paint recycling is a vital component of environmental conservation efforts. When disposed of improperly, paint can seep into the soil and water, releasing harmful chemicals that pose a risk to human health and ecosystems. By recycling paint, we reduce waste, conserve valuable resources, and minimize pollution. Global Paint for Charity’s commitment to paint recycling provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to actively contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

The success of Global Paint for Charity’s Earth Day Recycling event highlights the urgent need for increased national support for initiatives like this. By providing financial and logistical assistance, governments, corporations and individuals can play a crucial role in expanding the reach and impact of our paint recycling program. That support ensures we can all build a more sustainable future for generations to come. If you or your organization want to be part of this global movement, contact Global Paint for Charity at 855-853-7772 or at

Global Paint for Charity’s 12th Earth Day Recycling event was a resounding success, as demonstrated by the impressive collection of 28,000 pounds of paint by dedicated volunteers and Gwinnett County workers. By recycling paint, GPC not only protects the environment from hazardous waste, but also supports underserved communities in need of paint resources around the globe. This event serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible paint disposal and the positive impact that collective action can have on our planet.

May 23rd 2023

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Global Paint for Charity, UNLV and its Community Partners to Host Recycling Event April 22

Global Paint for Charity, UNLV and its Community Partners to Host Recycling Event April 22
During the Recyclin’ Rebels event on Earth Day, the community is invited to drop off electronics, paper, and other recyclables at the Thomas & Mack Center.

April 14th 2023

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Congratulations to our Founder, Chairman & CEO, Rony Delgarde, for being named the United States’ 63 Most Impressive & Successful CEOs in the Charity Space

Please help us give our heartfelt congratulations to our Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Rony Delgarde Mba, for being named the United States’ 63 Most Impressive & Successful CEOs in the Charity Space. The individuals on the list have been included because of exceptional performance in one of the following categories:
– Innovation
– Growth
– Management
– Societal impact
We are honored to be led by a service leader who is not only leading GPC but also providing leadership for many other groups and non-profit organizations.
Read the full publication by clicking the link below:

September 15th 2022

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A Donation of 4500 Gallons of Paints from Global Paint for Charity to Belize

Today, Hon. Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations received a donation of 4,500 gallons of paint from , Inc. The donation was secured by the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, along with Mrs. Sandhya Murphy, Ambassador for Diaspora Relations, in collaboration with Ignite Belize.

Present at the handing-over was Ms. Erica Antoinette Castillo Slaton of Ignite Belize. Ms. Slaton, an active member of the Belizean Diaspora, has created a project entitled, “Painting A Brighter Future for Our Children” which pledges to paint schools, government buildings, and homes. The goal of the project is to uplift communities and stimulate innovation through color.

The paint was officially handed over by Mr. Rony Delgarde MBA, CEO of Global Paint for Charity Inc. The US-based organization is a part sponsor and collects and recycles leftover paint from local residences, buildings, and businesses. The paint is then donated to community-based projects around the world.

Also in attendance were His Worship Robert Mariano, Mayor of Dangriga, Mrs. Nicole Solano, CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, Mr. Evan Tillett, Director of Tourism, and guests. The paint will be distributed to various locations by the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations.

For the full news story and to watch the highlights film, click on the button below: 

August 28th 2022

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Memorial Day Community Service Project at the Hebron Garden Apartments for Homeless Veterans in downtown Las Vegas

Global Paint for Charity was recently featured on KSNV News 3 Las Vegas, where we partnered with The100 Black Men of Las Vegas Inc, Trim Care Health Center, Chamber of Cannabis, and Cascade Construction to paint the apartments at Hebron Garden Apartments for Homeless Veterans in downtown Las Vegas.

With the help of hardworking volunteers and local organizations, we were able to make an impact on the lives of veterans on Memorial Day this year.
Shout out to all of the volunteers from the Caridad Hebron Garden Apartments, Cannalean, and special thanks to Jodeci Gonzales and Dani Baranowski of The Chamber, Chris Johnson of Cannalean, Kenneth Cottrell of 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, and Rony Delgarde of Global Paint for Charity.

The apartment complex in downtown Las Vegas is a Caridad property that offers low-income housing and programming for Veterans, the homeless, and seniors on a fixed income.

Caridad’s mission is to humanize the homeless by hosting programs and incentives, including Planters in the Alley and Caridad Gardens which helps reintegrate formerly homeless Veterans back into the workforce.

For the full news story and to watch the highlights film, click on the button below: 


July 28th 2022

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46 Most Innovative Georgia Based Waste Management Companies & Startups

Global Paint for Charity (GPC) finds itself at the top of yet another national ranking, coming in at #24 on Futurology Life’s 46 Most Innovative Georgia Based Waste Management Companies & Startups list! Thank you SO much to the Futurology family and everyone who mentioned or nominated us. We’re humbled and honored to be listed among some of the best well-known Stars in the community! Congratulations to GoodrCo. , Reclaim, Nexus Circular, and Waste Wizer Technologies…Click the link in the post below to see Georgia-Based Innovative Waste Management Companies & Startups that made the list:

July 19th 2022

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Founder Rony Delgarde is on a Passionate Mission to Change the World with Color

Environmental, social, and governance, or ESG initiatives have been thrust to the forefront of people’s minds of late. On this week’s episode of The Playbook, host Mark Collier, Area Director for the UGA Small Business Development Center, sits down with Rony Delgarde, Founder and CEO of Global Paint for Charity, Inc., the very first sustainable paint waste management company.

Rony has been featured on CNBC, the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionCNN InternationalNASDAQ, and Fox News. Additionally, Rony has been recognized in the Atlanta area and worldwide for his outstanding work in global housing rehabilitation by transforming slums and shantytowns into beautiful habitats in communities across the globe. GPC’s message of using color to change the world is resonating worldwide.


May 26th 2022

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How To Make a Change and Leave Your Mark? – Interview with Altruistic Business Owner Rony Delgarde

Have you ever wondered How To Make a Change and Leave a Mark? or perhaps, “How Do I make a change that matters”? Or maybe, “How do I help my community”? Does doing what I am passionate about mean I won’t be successful? ? In this interview with Mr. Desmond Soon, Rony Delgarde shares how he used his awareness of a need in his home country filled with extreme poverty and an issue that big companies and corporations had and found a solution that worked for both parties and now is making a change in the world.


Desmond is a global Serial Entrepreneur helping other Entrepreneurs to Professionally Market and Brand on the internet. He is a Member of an Exclusive Private Members-Only Mastermind for Serious Business Owners. They share best practices, clarity, speed, and strategies and get mentorship on being a Successful Millionaire Business Leader.
Huge thanks to Desmond and his production team. We are super grateful to the Global Paint team for their continued support and dedication to our mission.
Hit the link below to watch the full interview on his Youtube channel

May 26th 2022

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Founder Rony Delgarde featured on “The Joy Talk” hosted by Vanessa Joy- Canada

Kindly watch this exclusive interview with the one and only incredible Vanessa Joy, founder of The Joy Talk, Rony Delgardde telling the stories about starting the Global Paint for Charity (GPC) and talking about some of the attributes of a Best man.
It is a MUST WATCH. Hit the link below to watch the full interview on her YouTube channel
We are grateful to have had the chance to do this interview and talk to Vanessa. She is an inspiration for us and so many others around the world. 💥💥💥💯💯🎯🎯🎯

May 26th 2022

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Our CEO, Rony Delgarde was honored to be featured in the Business Voice (Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce)

Our CEO, Rony Delgarde was honored to be featured in the Business Voice (Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce). Words can’t explain our sincere gratitude to our team, donors, and the people who believe in our mission. Without you all, it would be impossible to accomplish anything.

December 26th 2021

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Our CEO Rony Delgarde Was Named Minority Business of the Month

Our CEO & Founder, Rony Delgarde was named August 2021 Black Business of the Month by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. He did a Q/A session with the Chamber manager team. Check out the full article in the link below to learn more about the story behind the creation of our organization.

August 19th 2021

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It’s an honor to be featured in Simply Buckhead Magazine discussing the Global Paint for Charity project and how we are covering the world with color, happiness, and hope. You can find a snippet of the article in the magazine online at or hard copies at the locations near you. Written by Award-winning Ghostwriter, Journalist, and Content Creator —Mickey Goodman

April 30th 2021

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Meet Rony Delgarde: an advocate for Color | Global Humanitarian Relief expert | and Social Entrepreneur

Special thanks to Shoutout Atlanta for sitting down with our CEO to discuss our stories and how Global Paint for Charity (GPC) gives us a purpose to change lives. You can find the full interview on the homepage in an article titled: “Happiness: it’s what matters.”

Click view source below to go to the full interview:

April 13th 2021

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Global Paint for Charity CEO, Rony Delgarde inducted into Marquis Who’s Who Biographical Registry

On December 24, 2020, Rony Delgarde joined the ranks of Nobel Prize winners and
world-famous humanitarians. He was recently inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who in America
Biographical Registry for his efforts with Global Paint for Charity as well as several charitable
and professional organizations.

January 24th 2021

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Creating Global Change Through Color Rony S. Delgarde is a global humanitarian relief expert and an award-winning leader.

Congrats to Rony Degarde founder and CEO of Global Paint for Charity (GPC)! He was featured in Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine (MBE) Spring 2020 edition. “Creating Global Change Through Color” MBE page 24-25. Huge thanks to the MBDA Business Center-Atlanta located at Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute.
A very special thanks to Donna Ennis and her amazing team for supporting our efforts at Global Paint. Check out the article online We hope you are able to order a copy or pick up a copy (or two) of the magazine at your local bookstores or Supermarkets.

June 29th 2020

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Leftover Paint in Your Garage? Share with the World

How many times have you tried to find ways to dispose of household paint that you no longer need? Rony Delgarde MBA, Founder and CEO of Global Paint for Charity, has solved this problem. His charity’s mission? “To recycle leftover paint from businesses and residents, reprocess it and distribute it to vulnerable individuals and families to change lives and beautify underserved communities around the world, one gallon at a time.” Meet this philanthropic NASDAQ 2020 Milestone Maker and learn more about how your old paint can brighten neighborhoods here in America and in 44 other countries.
By writer, editor, storyteller, small business champion, artist Michelle Valigursky

June 13th 2020

Gwinnett Splashes Worldwide Color Via Our Town Gwinnett Magazine

Here’s to starting the new year on a high note!

So grateful for Gwinnett Town Magazine for the honor and the feature of Global Paint for Charity (GPC) in this month’s incredible issue.
It really solidified our efforts to recycle discarded paint to change lives around the world. The universe shook things up and helped me surround myself with some of the best people who share the same mindset and genuinely believe in our humble cause.
Thank you so much to the entire Gwinnett Town Magazine team and my friend Beth Volpert Johansen for sharing our stories and my amazing partner Schelly Tennant Marlatt, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful for her continued support! Click on the link to read the whole online issue check out the contents on pages 21-22 to read the full article. I hope you can order a copy (or two) of the magazine.

February 2nd 2020

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Meet Rony Delgarde of Global Paint for Charity in Gwinnett County via VoyageATL Magazine

Congrats to Rony Delgarde, our Founder and CEO, for being featured on VoyageATL Magazine! What a well-deserved honor to be featured alongside other rising stars in the City.
Thank you so much to VoyageATL Magazine for the article. Please click on the link here to read the article.

February 2nd 2020

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