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Mike’s Painting Company Donates to Us!!

At Global Paint for Charity, we enjoy working with all our partners, whether they are donors, volunteers, or contractors. Every month, we feature an individual who shares their experiences working with Global Paint for Charity. We always treat everyone who helps us like family. It is refreshing to hear their honest feedback and to share it with the public as well, as it helps us to expand our mission. This time, we interviewed Mike from Mike’s Painting & Home Improvement, an independently owned painting and remodeling service that covers North Atlanta Metros. Mike was so humbled to share some insights on what it is like to work with Global Paint and how it has benefited his business.

After finding out about the Global Paint for Charity in an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution eight years ago, Mike says that deciding to work with Global Paint for Charity was a “no-brainer.” He knew he would love to work with our team because he would be “providing paint to those who are less fortunate in third world countries.” This is a true statement, as all the unwanted paint we gather from our clients goes to less fortunate communities internationally and areas right here in the United States that are in need. Our service also helps the environment because instead of trashing all this unused paint into landfills, it goes to communities where it can change lives. We strongly believe that beautifying these communities can uplift spirits and make the quality of life better for the less fortunate.

Working with Global Paint for Charity for seven years now, Mike says the reason he has stayed with Global Paint for so long is our “evident respect” for his business. He expresses that as a paint contractor, his time is a scarce commodity, and Global Paint has done an excellent job of fitting into his schedule all while being for a great cause. This is something we love to do for our partners, helping them become more efficient all while pursuing our mission. In further regards to his time management, Mike says Global Paint has “always worked around my schedule, not the other way around.” When asked if he would recommend our services, he replied by saying he would in a “heartbeat!”
According to PCA, the premier organization committed to helping professional painting and decorating contractors improve their business noted that there are nearly 310,000 painting contractors in America and Canada. At the end of various construction projects, remodeling and painting, most home builders and contractors are stuck with unused paints and products, some of which can’t be carried over to the next job. But there are very few programs available for leftover building materials, but none offers paint removal and disposal services, particularly in a targeted, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate format. Global Paint offers home builders and contractor members many opportunities to get rid of the unused paints, tax deductions, appearance at local painting projects, and much more.

Each year, more than 1.57 billion gallons of paint are sold for commercial use in the United States alone. About 10 percent of the paint sold is wasted every year, largely because builders and paint contractors don’t have a good resource to help them dispose of their leftover paint, and it only takes one gallon of this paint to pollute up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water. This problem is compounded by the shortage of convenient and sustainable paint disposal options. At Global Paint, we thought we could help economically and environmentally. Many paint contractors like Mike’s Painting noted that donating their excess paint to those who need them is undoubtedly a better solution than storing them indefinitely or dumping them and contributing to the growing waste stream.
If you are a professional painter or contractor, and wish to recycle your paint, please visit and click “TAKE ACTION” for more information on how you can dispose of your unwanted paint.

Our organization has reached over 13 million, collected or reused nearly 360,000 tons of paint that was otherwise intended for the landfill, and assisted those in 44 countries. Let our business help you achieve your paint removal and disposal challenges while we achieve our mission. Explore the Global Paint website to learn more about why Global Paint for Charity is the better.
Together We Can Make a Difference and paint the world one gallon at a time!