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Nashua Wallpaper & Paint CO in New Hampshire Donated 5000 gallons of Paints

We are thrilled and so delighted to receive a large donation of Latex Paint from Nashua Wallpaper and Paint Co in Manchester NH. “Nashua Wallpaper and Paint Co.” is an independent Benjamin Moore paint retail store serving the Nashua, Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire communities.
The company generously donated over 5000 gallons of paint to support our Basic School Beautification Program in West Africa. The paint will be used to renovate, rejuvenate, and beautify basic schools, individuals and family homes in underprivileged communities.All of us at Global Paint for Charity want to thank the Nashua, Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire Retail Store Managers and more importantly DENIS DEPELTEAU, Vice President Operations who contacted us about the paint donation couple weeks ago. While it may not seem like a big deal to them, it is to us. We cannot do what we love without the support and donations from people and companies like Nashua Wallpaper and Paint Co.

The Global Paint for Charity is a non-profit organization that collects unused paints from businesses and residences in the US, then distribute it to vulnerable individuals and families in developing countries around the world. The organization eliminates the toxic disposal of paints into land fills and fills the needs of the world’s poorer populations. It’s estimated that 80 percent of the third world’s homes and schools have very bad and unpainted walls, and more than 70 million children have never had access to a painted classroom. We provide underprivileged communities the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of color through every gallon of recycled paint. To date, we have salvaged over 200,000 Gallons and redistributed more than 120,000 Gallons to 18 countries and cities right here in the U.S. at no charge.
Donating a Gallon of Paint to Global Paint for Charity means big saving for you: We offer Tax Savings, Storage Savings, Disposal Savings and more importantly the impact you are making both here in the United States and abroad.
And with your tax deductible financial donation, we are able to handle the logistics of the paint and assist those in need around the world.

Please click on this to learn how large retail stores, hardware stores, property management companies, apartments, hotels, distribution centers, major institutions, universities, schools, churches and individuals can donate to our cause. For other questions please contact us: Toll Free 855-853-7772 or see

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— in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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