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Projects in Central America/Caribbean

Since we started our community beautification program in Central America, women and young girls are at the center of our focus. In Honduras, Guatemala and Salvador, we empower girls and women living in the poorest neighborhoods to paint and uplift the spirit of other women in their communities through. Our volunteers paint schools and orphanages which helped save many lives, and thanks to their efforts, single mothers and young girls are able to put a layer of coating on their murals or furniture and craft products to attract local customers. The number of women starting and running their own painting businesses continue to grow everyday. So many of them used to live in poverty, they lack abilities, education and opportunities.

Through our community beautification programs, they are encouraged to get out into their communities and donate their time to helping others while learning new skills. And like many others, they immediately dive into entrepreneurship and start their own small painting business. And they need only $50 – $500 to start their business and make a profit in the first job, and don’t need large investment to buy equipment, ladders, sprayers, brushes, etc. Our programs help the underprivileged people to launch a small paint business and assist them to realize their dreams around the world.

The work our volunteers have been doing in very poor villages in Central America is amazing. We are so proud of our volunteers especially in Honduras, Guatemala and Salvador. We have shipped three full containers of high-quality paints to Central America last year alone and two containers this year. Local church members and volunteers are using the paint to beautify properties in underserved communities while teaching minorities new skills and entrepreneurship. About 80 churches, 120 family homes and 48 basic schools got a fresh coat and touch up so far.

The GPC’s Board of Directors had voted to donate over 20,000 gallons to Guyana and a portion of the paint will be used for the repainting of the world famous St. George Cathedral in Georgetown, Guyana. The historic St. George’s Cathedral is the world’s tallest wooden building and one of Guyana’s most touristic landmarks. This historic building was designed by the English Architect Sir Arthur Bloomfield and was officially opened on August 24th, 1892 and has even been re-painted since then. The original paint layer has been removed by heavy weather conditions in the country.

Rony Delgarde personally made the offer to the First Lady of Guyana – Mrs. Sandra Granger during her visit to Atlanta and she expressed her deep and unwavering support together with the Minister of Social Cohesion in the Office-of-the-President- The Hon. Amna Ally and she is all fully onboard and has invited GPC team to Guyana. Please see attached photos of our recent meeting with First Lady Sandra Granger of Guyana and Minister of Social Cohesion.



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