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When faced with local challenges of assisting many elderly seniors and widows, no single program can come up with solutions on its own, which is why a community beautification initiative is essential to leveraging impact. Each local project offers a collaborative platform that facilitates the exchange of volunteerism and resources between the private sector, public institutions, non-profits, and government officials.

Global Paint currently supports the following Community Beautification projects:

Our idea with our donated product is not to make profit but to improve the conditions of people in need, covering their world with colors, hope and happiness. Although we are excited for each new day as it brings more opportunities to share our vision with the world and continue to paint the world beautiful, change lives and protect the environment. We are currently fundraising for our new paint product development that we’ll be producing right here out of Atlanta Georgia. We are looking for volunteers, investors, partners, sponsors and tech companies interested in social causes, product distribution and investment opportunities.

We have listed some of our past projects with large corporations, universities and other non-profit organizations like United Way, Hands on Atlanta Comcast, Local Young Leaders groups, Bank of America, UPS, and GSU on the website you can check them out at click on each subject for details. We recently work with corporate partners, Young Professional Leaders/LINC, Youth United Atlanta, Suntrust Bank, United Way Staff Members in a community Beautification Day of Service in which 80 volunteers engaged and helped beautify the Empire Board of Realists building.

The Empire Board of Realists Office is where hundreds of minorities and females are learning to become entrepreneurs, small business owners, obtain financial education and become role models and leaders in our community. Many of them are very thankful for the fresh color of paint on their building. Global Paint for Charity’s volunteers, sacrificed a Saturday morning to help make the building a brighter place.

For many volunteers, it was a good opportunity to learn new skills, team work and making a difference, others enjoyed some networking time and watching the transformation of the building from an old beige to a perfect gray color.

“This is the first time I painted anything, I have painted my nails, that’s it! I really enjoy this event. I get to spend time with my friends and met new people while giving back to my community” said one of the young leaders, Linda.

Our Community Beautification Day of Service is a way of educating a more beautiful and better community and showing the volunteers or future leaders in our community the importance of caring for their neighborhood and the less fortunate.


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