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Paint that is in your basement or garage, or simply unused, but in the right circumstances, it can be treasure to a family home or a school on the other side of the planet. The paint shortage affects many other areas of the world, where communities lack even the most basic need and materials to uplift their people. For the world's poorest communities, home isn't just where the heart is. Dirt walls and neglect communities are not attractive to potential tourists, putting those who can't afford paint, not only at the greatest risk of life-threatening and infectious germs but also lack of economic opportunities.

Each time someone organizes a paint drive in a business, subdivision, clubhouse, a local sport center, school, place of worship, or other private and public venue, he/she helps us to protect the environment and reach more people in need of paint around the world.  Organizing a paint drive can be a great way for a corporation, business, and faith group to fulfill its mission to give back to the community. Every homeowner in the U.S. has 5 to 10 gallons of leftover paint stored in their basement. So helping us in our efforts by hosting a paint drive is a win win for everyone.

We appreciate our paint drive partners and volunteers;  Since 2011, we donated as many as 500-to-6000 gallons at a time to support local paint projects in 12 countries, 459 family homes, 40 schools and orphanages have been painted with over 100,000 gallons of donated paint from businesses and residences.

Hosting a GPC Paint Drive is an easy way to help ensure that leftover paint does not end up in landfills. Improper paint disposal can have disastrous effects. One gallon of improperly disposed paint can pollute up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water. Our paint drive will engage your community members, students & parents, friends and neighbors, corporate and non-profit members by collecting unused paint, while raising $1000s for other programs. WE will collect the paint to help those in need, local businesses and residences will get rid of their unused paint and receive a direct tax deduction for their donations, and YOU will help your community with the funds you raise. SO EVERYBODY will WIN! We believe everyone that donated to support our cause would feel better about themselves, no matter how small they contribute. Help us in our efforts by hosting a paint drive.

How To...

  1. Register your Paint Drive Click Here to complete an Application
  2. Set up a committee of volunteers to assist in the paint drive.
  3. Determine when and where to hold the paint drive, preferably a high traffic location with adequate space to set-up your Donation Station.
  4. Determine what type of paint will be collected. Remember, we collect paint for people in need, so dry paint, spackle, and rusted cans with less than 25% of wet Latex Paint is not acceptable.
  5. Determine the length of the paint drive. Time frame must be 3-4 hours.
  6. Promote the event 20-30 days prior to your drive.
  7. Alert your local news media to let them know about your paint drive. Publicizing it will allow the community to participate and help your drive be even more successful. Write a press release: Include who, what, when, where, how and why. This should not exceed 300 words and should be sent out in plain text via email to your local Newspapers. Some newspapers prefer the information to be in the body of an email; others want attachments. We would greatly appreciate you're sending us a copy for our files of any news releases or articles that get printed.
  8. During the paint drive, give periodic updates on the amount of paint collected to encourage more local donors. Printable posters can be downloaded to use at your donation station.
  9. Take pictures of your Paint Drive in progress. Send us photos of your donation station and participants donating paint, we will post them our social media network or use them in our printed materials (newsletters, annual reports, brochures) and press releases to raise awareness, generate interest and thank groups for organizing paint drives and other benefits that support our programs.
  10. Send us the collected paint. Email the attached Product Donation Form to so we may send you the shipping address and a receipt for your donation. You will be responsible for shipping costs, so encourage others to help cover the shipping costs as part of the collection effort.

Paint change lives. Help us give hope and uplift the spirit of those in need one gallon at a time.

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