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Our Basic Schools Beautification Programs Got Started in Ghana!!!

We are so grateful for our team and volunteers in West Africa! Two months ago, we launched the ” Basic Schools Beautification Programs in Africa” and hope that all underserved children and adults may live, grow, learn and teach in a very comfortable and painted community one day. Well, our team and volunteers are getting started, a number of basic schools in Ghana have received some paint from GPC to paint a total of 300 schools this year, ranging from staff common rooms, kitchen, head teacher offices, toilets, pavements, play & parade grounds, classrooms, libraries, sport centers etc.

Many told us a shipment of paint could be too expensive and would never get there. Well, they were wrong. As you can see in those pictures, our partners and volunteers are working and changing lives. They have used some best quality of paint from major top brands in the U.S.A such as PPG, Ralph Laurent, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Behr Paint to name a few, in their projects to paint for people that don’t have the resources to paint their communities themselves. Now we want to expand the programs in the entire continent. Our goal is to be able to support the projects and paint approximately 8000 Schools in 12 countries by 2025.

This is our heart and our mission; Yes we can! Si, se puede! Oui nous pouvons! It can be done; our way to give back; to change lives and transform the underserved communities. So, how do you support these special projects around the world?

Well, part of our return is so amazing! For $1 the good that is created through your investment is 100 times better. When you paint someone’s home, you help him/her for decades; teach someone to paint … he/she will be able to change his/her life and change the community around them… Our paints help us to teach people in developing countries to learn for themselves and to become self-sufficient and productive citizens. Please consider making a donation to support our projects around the world. Visit us online at or contact us to discuss—–>> —->> call us toll-free 855-853-7772

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