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Paint Recycling Programs

Recycle Paint: Protect the Environment. Change Lives. Beautify the Underserved Communities.

Donate Your Paint to Make a Difference, and Change the World One Gallon at a Time

How Our Recycle Paint Program Works?

We collected paint the most environmental way. We don’t just remove paint from your facility and toss it in a dumpster or in the neighbor’s yard. We pick up paint donations from local residences, professional offices and buildings, retail shops, hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, and churches. We allow for residences and businesses to properly dispose of their leftover paint without having to pay big fees at the point of collection. Then the paint is donated to non-profit groups and missionary groups for renovations at orphanages, schools, colleges, sport centers, homeless shelters, veterans’ homes, and to property owners in need all around the world.

Remember that just one gallon of paint could pollute up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water if disposed of improperly. By participating in our paint recycling program, you’ll know that they are taking steps to protect the environment and improve living conditions for people throughout the world.

An estimated 70% of the paint is shipped overseas, while 30% is re-donated to local residents for community projects at no charge. GPC works closely with its distribution partners operating in developing countries to manage the distribution of paint.

Global Paint Will Take the Following Items

  • Latex Paint: Full, ½ full, ¼ full cans, buckets, and
  • Interior and exterior latex paint
  • Water based paint, Flat, Gloss, Semi-Gloss etc
  • Oil Paint: New/unopened containers only.

For more information, please contact us at or call us today at (855) 853-7772.

Click Here for “Suggestions for Oil Paint Recycling and/or Disposal”

Click Here to use our on-line Donation Molding Tool to make your paint donation

For larger donations (500+ gallons) or details on our partnership opportunities and supporting programs in your community Click Here

We are so grateful for your thoughtful support and for joining in our efforts. Please know that it’s only through kindness like yours that we are able to continue our commitment to providing good quality paint to those in need and changing lives around the world. Our program is totally worth supporting to protect our environment and change lives.


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