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Become a Return Collection Site

Thank you for your interest in our organization. We are excited to have the opportunity to explore partnerships with local, national and international organizations. Partnership opportunities are available. Please visit our Partner Page to learn more about our efforts. We seek your partnership for housing rehabilitation projects in developing countries around the world. We bring together literate and non-literate, towns, villages, people in common respect for each other, promote entrepreneurship and encourage the development of stronger communities among the youth and people of all backgrounds. We believe that everyone can become part of the story of paint by learning, giving, educating, investing and then seeing the difference we make together.

Opportunity to be a return collection site for the Global Paint Project

The Global Paint for Charity (GPC) is poised to initiate a new and exciting Subprogram called ONE STOP PAINT DROP, a program aimed at creating a network of paint collection locations for consumers and businesses to donate unwanted (used or unopened) paint for use in housing rehabilitation projects in developing countries around the world. Based on our shared values and commitment to giving back and home repair, GPC would like to invite your company to consider the ONE STOP PAINT DROP program as an opportunity to provide an added service to existing customers and potentially attract new business.

We are currently identifying retail partners to provide paint donation locations for the program Consumers will be able to return their unwanted household paint at collection locations across the U.S. at no charge. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 200 million homeowners in the U.S. have 3 to 4 gallons of unwanted paint in their basement and 10 percent of that paint ends up in landfills; making paint the largest volume of household hazardous waste collected. The ONE STOP PAINT DROP program provides your customers with a free non-hazardous way to discard their paint while receiving a tax-deduction.

GPC will provide at no cost to you:

  • Onsite employee training for paint pick-up, drop off and all supplies.
  • Collection site reference manual (site operating instructions, information on products accepted, product list, transportation information etc.)
  • Paint pickup by the program’s transportation team or assigned volunteers.
  • Consumer brochures and donation receipts.
  • In store-marketing material designating your site as a GPC ONE STOP PAINT DROP collection site.
  • Company logo and listing on the GPC website as a GPC ONE STOP PAINT DROP collection site.

As a GPC ONE STOP PAINT DROP Collection Site you will:

  • Accept unused paint (but not non-program material) from the public during operating hours.
  • Place paint cans and gallons in provided containers, properly packed.
  • Provide secure storage during non-operating hours.
  • Assist in loading and unloading of full and empty containers and the completion of the required paperwork (Consumer receipt or loading truck assistance.
  • Ensure staff is trained in accordance with the GPC collection guidelines. Distribute consumer brochures, flyers, and training materials.
  • Promote the program within your organization, customers, stakeholders, and friends. Bring awareness of the program to the community at large.

We believe that our organizations can work together to directly address the lack of paint supplies in developing countries through ONE STOP PAINT DROP and welcome the opportunity to discuss this opportunity further. Global Paint for Charity greatly appreciates your support and loves to recognize organizations that support our mission. Based on your participation to incorporate into our program, Global Paint for Charity has many ways to get the word out that you are committed to helping change lives and protect the environment.

Thank you for considering our ONE STOP PAINT DROP recycle program. Please contact us by email at If re-applying, be sure to update any information that has changed.