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Painted Mrs. Gwendolyn Howard’s House

Painted Mrs. Gwendolyn Howard’s House

Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Team from San Antonio, Texas joined GPC to paint Mrs. Gwendolyn Howard’s house. Mrs. Howard, an elderly senior, was diagnosed with cancer last year and was not able to renovate her home. She is a retired early childhood educator in the Atlanta Metro area. Her passion is working with young children from diversified backgrounds. She especially enjoys teaching youngsters how to read and create arts. The turning point for Gwendolyn came in 2017 when she beat the cancer.  When Mrs. Haward contacted GPC, she said proudly. … “I am cancer free, but now, I need to paint my house.”

Alamo Heights UMC was able to support GPC with 30 youth grades 7th-12th, and 7 adults to help bring Mrs. Howard’s house back to life. Ms. Nona Schwab of Alamo Heights United Methodist Church expressed on behalf of the church how happy they were to help transform Mrs. Howard’s living condition by painting her home. Here are some photos of GPC and Alamo UMC working hard to transform Mrs. Howard’s home to make it safer and more beautiful. Also, the letter below is from Mrs. Howard, she was so beautiful standing in front of her freshly painted and beautifully manicured home.  She wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the project.

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