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Become a Partner

At Global Paint for Charity, we are committed to do as much as we could to preserve the planet, protect the environment while enhancing people’s lives.  Through our efforts, we understand that one’s unused bucket of paint may be many others’ treasure; therefore, donations from businesses help keep our inventory full. In return, we help families in need, transforming the community, and changing lives around the world. Plus, we offer a direct tax deduction for your donation.

Whether you’re a paint manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or supplier, partnering with Global Paint for Charity can help strengthen your company reputation in the community, win more customers and add sustainable returns to your existing business.

Choose a partnership that meets your goals.

We offer many different partnership types, and there are many different reasons that you might choose to get involved with the Global Paint for Charity! The first step is determining which partnership best aligns with your company’s eco-friendly goals.

For every gallon of paint you donate, there are three tangible areas of savings for you:

  • Tax Savings
  • Storage Savings
  • Disposal Savings

Please use the Donation Modeling Tool to Calculate your Savings.

Details on our partnership opportunities and supporting programs are listed below. Please Select the Type of Programs you Wish to Support.


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