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Person of the Month: The Public Speaking Doctor Ariel Ghinga

A Fruitful Relationship between the Public Speaking Doctor and Global Paint for Charity (GPC)

In 2012, Ariel Ghinga created Atlanta Public Speaking LLC (APS), a company that provides training programs to professionals who wish to improve their public speaking skills. The uniqueness of these programs has allowed APS to stand out among similar courses, turning the company into the successful business it is today. However, all businesses start somewhere, and for Ariel, his company started with Global Paint for Charity (GPC).

Nine years ago, Rony Delgarde, CEO and founder of GPC, reached out to Ghinga and became APS’s first official client. “We really connected,” the public speaking coach declared. “We have common backgrounds, goals, ideals, and beliefs. We saw and understood each other’s visions as entrepreneurs, and we shared a passion for community outreach. Rony reached out when I was still trying to find my way back in 2012. He supported my company and me, and I wish to do the same.”

To honor Ariel—and those similar to him in the coming months—we are proud to introduce our new program: GPC Person of the Month! Each month, GPC will recognize and appreciate individuals, such as Ariel, who put in a remarkable effort in their contributions to our cause.

Ariel has been a member of Global Paint’s executive board since 2013. As an executive, he dedicates both time and funds to the organization. “When you compare the amount of paint Americans have in their garage to the lack of color in countries like Uganda and Haiti. Global Paint’s mission just makes sense,” Ghinga stated. The business owner indicated that he supports GPC because he believes in the organization and what it stands for. In addition, he views its mission and its projects as something that goes beyond aesthetics. To Ariel, color is a gift; and through its services, Global Paint is working towards providing that gift to every individual in every corner of the world.

GPC sees color as the physical representation of joy, hope, and vitality. According to Ghinga, color can affect people on a deep and personal level, impacting their emotions and influencing their drive to pay it forward. That is why Ariel strongly believes that the impact Global Paint has had is immeasurable. In a sea of brown – brown roads, brown buildings, brown homes – GPC’s ability to create bright and colorful hubs generates a buzz of excitement the Public Speaking Doctor has not seen anywhere else. To Ghinga, that feeling of goodness is almost tangible. “When you create this focal point that is colorful and attractive, people tend to come and flock to it,” Ariel professed. “This excitement is then reflected in other aspects of the community. You see test scores go up and academic performances go up. You see whole communities begin to rise because of this one epicenter. It becomes the apex. This is what I love about Global Paint. The organization is creating a movement in communities, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Ghinga defines his relationship with Global Paint for Charity as fruitful. It is a long-lasting collaboration that benefits both Ariel and the organization. Along with his time and donations, Ariel also provides and offers his coaching services to Rony and the Global Paint team, preparing its members to accurately and effectively represent GPC in any public speaking platform. On the other hand, Global Paint presented Ariel with the opportunity to build relationships and networks. The organization and its events connected Ghinga to politicians, nonprofit leaders, and other professionals, introducing Atlanta Public Speaking to potential clients.

Beyond his relationship with Global Paint, Ariel also believes in the organization and is passionate about its mission of changing the world one gallon at a time. He views GPC as a nonprofit organization that uniquely impacts communities. To Ghinga, Global Paint is one of a kind; and as a member of its executive board, he is constantly encouraging individuals and companies to connect and get involved. “In terms of a sustainable enterprise, it (GPC) checks all the boxes,” Ghinga stated. “The kind of impact it creates on a community level is special and inspiring. By connecting with Global Paint, people are attaching their names and companies to a good cause and a good, large brand that is always growing. There are so many nonprofits out there, but there is only one GPC, and it’s creating waves.”

Currently, 7.9 billion people inhabit the world; despite all the work Global Paint has done, there still are so many more people and places in need of color and paint. According to Ariel, GPC and its members face a lifelong mission that requires three things to ensure the organization’s success. First, global paint needs individuals willing to share their time, talent, and/or treasure.

  1. Time – GPC runs solely on volunteer work. The organization is continuously looking for individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to the cause.
  2. Talent – If unable to volunteer your time, Ariel indicated that sharing your talent is a great way to get involved. Whether your talent is graphic design, photography, coding, or writing, GPC has various projects that provide experience and allow you to highlight or improve your talent.
  3. Treasure – Lastly, Global Paint does require monetary donations in order to keep the social enterprise self-sustainable.

If interested in volunteering your time, sharing your talent, or donating your treasures, please click on the following link: or contact GPC at 1 (855) 853-7772 or at to learn more about how you or your company can get involved.

Biography: Learn More About Ariel Ghinga and His Company, Atlanta Public Speaking.

Ariel Ghinga, also known as the Public Speaking Doctor, is originally from Romania but has resided in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1983. He is the founder and executive coach of Atlanta Public Speaking LLC (APS). Created in 2012, APS offers its clients effective communication workshops and coaching services that enhance and strengthen their public speaking skills. Catered to each client’s job or goal, the company’s programs are innovative and interactive, teaching individuals how to present clear and compelling speeches.

Throughout his life, Ghinga attended multiple public speaking seminars and courses. Despite his efforts, Ariel found his skills lacking. Using his experience as motivation, he developed the concept of “speech mapping.” Speech mapping is the creation of a linear mind map that is not scripted or confined. It allows the speaker to speak from their heart, so they always have something to say, but in a way that is concise and comprehensive. The effectiveness and uniqueness of speech mapping has made Atlanta Public Speaking into an international company with hundreds of clients from companies like IBM, Georgia Tech, and General Electric.

Much like Global Paint, Ariel’s company highlights the importance of social responsibility. As an entrepreneur, Ghinga strives to give back to the community. For the past seven years, APS has offered free seminars on a weekly basis. These two-hour seminars are available for anyone to attend in all pockets of the world. To Ariel, they are a great resource for individuals who lack the necessary funds, allowing him to positively impact the wellbeing of people, businesses, and communities.

To learn more about Ariel, Atlanta Public Speaking, and the programs he offers, visit the website or reach out to Ariel at

Ariel’s leadership, empathy, and compassion ultimately reflect the core of what GPC respects and strives for as an entrepreneur in this ever-changing and complex world. We cannot wait to see what he will accomplish next.

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If interested in volunteering your time, sharing your talent, or donating your treasures, please click on the following link: Volunteer Opportunity with Global Paint or contact GPC at 1 (855) 853-7772 or at to learn more about how you or your company can get involved.