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We are thrilled you are joining us to help advance the Global Paint for Charity’s mission.

We’ve listed here a list of Items that are available for purchasing. These items are a culmination of efforts by many people around the world, who in their dedication to our mission- have given their energy, time, money, and talents to ensure our success. Thank you to all the designers, artists, and entrepreneurs who graciously donated items and volunteered to list their products on our website. We are proud that 100% of all GPC product sales and money raised from your purchase will go directly to our cause!

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We have great prices but more than that, all proceeds from your purchase will support Global Paint for Charity’s mission to make sure everyone in the world lives in a beautiful and colorful community. Shopping here not only supports your community, but also supports our basic schools beautification programs around the world.

When you donate or shop on our website, you help GPC’s mission.

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We partnered with many entrepreneurs and designers the world to help support local girls that are out of school around the world. Girls face barriers like violence, funding gaps, and social pressures that keep them from getting to schools. We’ve listed here a list of Items that are from our vendors, and with your purchase, in turn you will give back to the communities who made them.

Handmade Colorful Wooden Plats from Haiti

This project is to stimulate the Haitian economy by exporting and marketing Haitian artisan goods. Our focus is to provide a living wage to mothers & fathers who might otherwise abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them. Each plat is individually hand- painted with donated paint from Global Paint for Charity in a variety of colors & patterns that reflect the rich Caribbean culture of loud colors and geometric shapes.






Ms Flora M Kawa (Discount Code: GPCFlora)
Website / Instagram / Facebook

Ms Flora M Kawa, Owner and creative designer for Florinyah Designs : A creative fascinating jewelry maker, who offers unique and colorful hand embroidered jewelry. She gets her inspiration through nature and everything around her.  We had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady, she was a Mandela Fellow 2017! Her beautiful and amazing work includes crochet authentic jewelry from all ranges, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, pins, ornaments,  etc. for all sorts of occasions, from custom made to ready made..

Not only is each handmade necklace, earring, and ring beautiful, owner and designer Flora has a beautiful heart as well– a minimum of 10% of proceeds goes to support local girls education and charity! Based out of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Florinyah Designs is named after Flora’s wonderful legacy.

Ms Prisca Lazaro Nnko (Discount Code: GPCPrisca)
Website / Instagram

Prisca is a self-taught designer, owner of African Print Shoes and Fashion Accessories from Tanzania who makes beautiful African printed bags, shoes, clothes and more. After many trials and prototypes and thousands of hours behind her sewing machines, Prisca’s line now includes a range of beautiful and colorful products for everyday life. In 3 yrs to come she would like to have a beautiful physical and online shop well designed to sell all her products. We need your help to improve Prisca’s manufacturing and entrepreneurial skills and teach other young girls how to make bags and clothes. Learn more below!