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Jonathan Jones

“Good morning Mr. Delgarde, Your program sounds very interesting. The Mission of the City of Forest Park Planning, Building and Zoning Department is to “enhance the City of Forest Park’s quality of life by developing, revitalizing and strengthening its neighborhoods and communities, while utilizing smart growth practices to stabilize and transform our physical, social and economic environment.” One of the ways we accomplish our mission is through our “Quality of Life” (QoL)Program. The QoL program provides assistance, primarily in low income communities of the city, by: Helping maintain property values and creating a sense of community; Educating City residents, property owners, and business owners, etc. about City Codes; Consulting with residents to discuss property maintenance issues to reduce code violations; Educating residents about resources available to assist them with housing/property repair or discuss some other solution to current violations; Following-up with the residents on current violations and encourage feedback on the QoL program. One of the possible resources we were considering was being able to make available paint to low income, elderly and disabled residents who may not have the means or be physically able to address pending code violations related to exterior property conditions, often times resolved by simply providing a coat of paint. Maybe there is some way that we could work with Global Paint to create such a program. Though any such effort would need to be approved by the City Manager, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss the possibility. “

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