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“Rony, Thank you so much for supporting our Earth Day Saturday! We greatly appreciate you and your group being there and as I mentioned, I had NO idea that much paint would have been collected in that short amount of time. You indicated that your preliminary estimates are 6,000 gallons of paint were collected. We are very interested in doing a follow-up Press Release and would love to get our story out soon. Thank you again for everything and we look forward to partnering again in the near future!”

Corporates & Local Waste Management Agencies

Schelly T. Marlatt

Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

“Rony, we have paint donations. Would your organization be able to pick it up at our business site in Maitland, Florida? We have 12 opened cans, and 17 unopened cans, so depending on your interest, there might be a large quantity to be donated. If you want only the cans that are not open it is fine. If you want all of it, a small pick up should be able to carry everything. We are open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. just let me know what time works better for you and I will be here to assist you guys. Thanks “

Corporates & Local Waste Management Agencies

Rafaela Schunck

SPR Services, Inc. Dba Saxonis Painting & Reconstruction

“Hello, I saw a video on line about your charity and was impressed with your program. I have 3600 gallons of paint to donate. Please call or email back to discuss logistics of getting it to you. All major brands and several batches of 100 or more of the same color.”

Corporates & Local Waste Management Agencies

Ski’s Painting, Inc

Kent, WA

“Good afternoon Rony, We have a good amount of paint that we are looking to get rid of and was wondering if you were interested in picking it up for use as part of your Global Paint for Charity program? See photo attached. Thank you”

Corporates & Local Waste Management Agencies

Julie H.

Real Estate Manager, CBRE: Commercial Real Estate Services, Worldwide

“Global Paints provided a beautiful, clean environment for my community, my children and me. Because of these changes I feel so much better about myself and the future of my 9 children. Within 2 months of my house was painted I was able to have my life and my happiness back. My children and I live in a beautiful community. The GPC staff and volunteers helped me to learn how to use paint to make arts and craft products. It was through both the paint donation and the support of GPC staff and its volunteers that I have been able to move forward and starting a small boutique. Every day I feel stronger and happier. Thanks to Global Paints and Thank you Rony. God will bless you.”

GPC Recipients

A Mother of 9 Children

Milimani Village in the Samburu District of Kenya

“Hi, I am hoping you have not forgotten me here in Milot Haiti! Our many houses are looking very drab and certainly need a coat of paint to brighten them up. I simply cannot afford to buy paint and the poor people just don’t have the means to buy food never mind paint. As you can well imagine a coat of paint on a drab looking house can make a huge difference psychologically and otherwise and can have a great healing effect on family and neighbors. I have managed to restore many old houses and have built 30 new houses with funds from medical volunteers at the hospital and would be SOOOOOOO very grateful if you could please help me with some paint……that would be just so wonderful and make a huge difference in the lives of these poor people who literally struggle to get by on a daily bases. Many thanks for your wonderful work. I was so delighted to meet your representative here in Haiti sometime in November and look forward to hearing from you. God bless.”

GPC Recipients

Sister Ann Crewley

The CRUDEM Foundation, Inc./Hopital Sacre-Coeur. Washington, DC/Milot, Haiti

“Gracias por la donacion, ojala nos siga ayudando pronto aurita estamos haciendo unas pequeñas donaciones con iglesias y le estaremos enviando fotos a utd contamos con muchas deficiencias pero en el nombre de dios seguiremos adelante.. Gracias y bendisiones.”

GPC Recipients

Allan K.

Honudras, Central America

“I am trying to get donations of paint and related supplies for a workforce development project where some of our general contractors provide free house painting for some of our more vulnerable senior residents to improve the exterior of their homes and at the same time teach the trade to trainee painters. The project to start in the Collier City area of Pompano Beach on or around the first week of July with each trainee painter to remain in the project for two months then transition to job placement.”

GPC Recipients

Dahlia Baker

Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

“Since 1999, Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services (FRIENDS), a volunteer-governed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been raising money to meet senior needs throughout Gwinnett County. This senior residence has had some major repair work by skilled volunteers and FRIENDS has paid for materials to this point. The support limit has been reached, but the faith-based volunteers are willing to continue if we can get paint. “

GPC Recipients

Gary Galloway

Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services

This sweet note was sent to us from the E3 Leaders after they painted a homeless shelter in a community in Chicago, IL.

“Global Paint! We wanted to take the time to thank you soooo much for connecting with us and giving us paint donations. Today, we were able to give kids the opportunity to paint for the first time and some of them had their first experience of volunteering. As youth leaders, it was awesome to see them work together and put their creative minds to work. Global Paint has touched our lives and each time a kid walks into those rooms to sleep, hang out or learn they will be impacted by your organization. We will definitely send pictures of the finished projects and keep you posted on where the paint goes. Thanks again!”

GPC Recipients

E3 Leaders

Chicago, IL.