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Rick Odell

” I am the Youth & Family Minister for the West-Ark Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Our youth group is coming to Atlanta for our domestic mission trip. We will be in the Atlanta area from July 19-24. We estimate of having a group of 50-60 Middle School students, High School students, 4 college aged youth interns and adult chaperones. Our group has experience working effectively with organizations in Denver, Detroit, Oklahoma City and Washington, DC. I am writing to see what service opportunities you might have for your organization for us to serve you and your constituents. We would like to serve as a group, but are more than willing to break into smaller groups if we need to and come at different times throughout the week. I would appreciate hearing back from you in a timely manner so we can finalize our mission trip plans. Currently, I am with a group of students in Bulgaria, so I am about 7 hours ahead of you. I will be able to reply back via email later today. Thanks you so much for your time and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.”

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