Coloring the World with Happiness, Hope, Love and Peace

Why You Should Support The Global Paint Project?

Global Paint for Charity was launched almost 6 years ago, in March 2010, to work together with businesses, households and paint manufacturers in a collective effort to recycle post-consumer Latex paint to change lives and beautify underserved communities. It has been a long journey and amazing experience for us. We collect donations of paint from coast to coast and distribute over 120 000 gallons across 18 developing countries around the world.

Every year, hundreds of young people are sent by the local Juvenile Court judges and High Schools throughout the Atlanta area to volunteer to paint for elderly seniors and widows who are physically and/or financially unable to paint their residence on their own including Family Homes, Recreational Centers for Women and Homeless. Other local groups have worked with The Global Paint for Charity or participate in our local paint projects and paint drives where our staff oversees and evaluates their work. Through our community service programs, we have coached, mentored and trained individuals to behave and ultimately become better workers, students and leaders in our community.

In Central America and Caribbean, over 80 churches, 48 basic schools and 200 homes got a fresh coat and touch up so far. Our volunteers paint schools and orphanages which helped save many lives, and thanks to their efforts, single mothers and young girls are able to put a layer of coating on their murals or furniture and craft products to attract local customers. The number of women starting and running their own painting businesses continue to grow every day. So many of them used to live in poverty, they are lack abilities, education and opportunities. Our programs help the underprivileged people to launch a small paint business and assist them to realize their dreams around their world.

This year (2016) has been a great year for many things, and we want to share our thoughts with you about these exciting projects and what they will mean in the world. We have worked with our partners to help bring colors and hope to the infrastructures in West Africa through a range of projects. One of such projects is Basic Schools Beautification programs, which seeks to beautify 4500 Basic Schools in underserved communities by 2025. A number of basic schools in Ghana have received some paint from GPC to paint a total of 300 schools this year, ranging from staff common rooms, kitchen, head teacher offices, toilets, pavements, play & parade grounds, and classrooms, libraries, sport centers etc.

Global Paint is expanding to other West African Countries. GPC is however working with representatives in Benin, Senegal, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria Cameroon and other NGOs in West Africa to execute a range of projects to change lives and beautify essential structures of basic schools. A continent where many told us a shipment of paint could be too expensive and would never get there. Well, they were wrong. As you can see in those pictures, our partners are delivering paint to basic schools today, and the kids are so happy with the paint. And guess who is going to start painting the entire school tomorrow? The painting starts tomorrow and the kids are going to paint their school. They are very excited, and can’t wait to learn new skills, what’s a feeling, an amazing experience? Many years from today they would remember their collective effort. Stay tuned, we will post more photos soon. Help us teach them how tofish, not just feed themfish!!

We are grateful for your continued support. If you want to help our cause with your kindness, Please check our TAKE ACTION page at our website -à TAKE ACTION!! All your donations are tax deductible.